The German federation allows the use of flares in Hamburg

first_imgThe German Football Federation (DFB) announced on Tuesday that it will allow a group of ten Hamburg fans to use flares inside the Volksparkstadion stadium in the minutes leading up to the Bundesliga 2 match that faces the former European champion with the Kalshrue (Saturday at 1:00 p.m.). It will be an exceptional case, but for the first time it will be legal and consented to use pyrotechnics inside a stadium in Germany. The ultras of Hamburg will be monitored by a team of firefighters and smoke containment specialists They will worry that the situation is not out of control and that the party can start on time without residue or smoke remaining after the flares are released.The DFB has assured that there is no planned revision of the regulations that prohibit the use of pyrotechnics within the stadiums and will continue to fine the teams that do so without permission from the federation. Hamburg itself was fined last season with more than 300,000 euros for incidents with this type of artifacts. In the event that a team, such as Hamburg has done, request permission from the City Council and can count on the security and structures necessary for the use of incendiary devices, the German federation will study the case and decide whether or not to approve the petition.last_img