The Atleti anthem tomorrow at 4:30 pm in tribute to Peiró

first_img“And whoever does not have a device to rumble it, sing it. Meanwhile, the one who believes, who sends a Lord’s Prayer to the scorers’ heaven and the one who does not, think upward to remember the left interior that filled our history with joy. If the networks are capable of spreading this idea, perhaps we can give the great Peiro the last of our ovations.“added the note. That tomorrow, at 16:30, “time when the games were played in the old Metropolitan”, the Atlético fans, wherever they are confined, go out to their balcony, to their window, the part of the house that faces the street, and the hymn, “I am going to the Manzanares …” in tribute to the red and white legend who left today, Joaquín Peiró. The idea starts from The 50 that, this afternoon, as soon as the death of the seventh player with the most goals in rojiblanca history (124), issued a statement. “Due to the dramatic circumstances that surround us all these days, the death of Joaquín PeiróYou will not be able to have the farewell you deserve. His goodbye is going to be, like his death, lonely. But neither ours Greyhound of the Metropolitan nor his family, they will feel abandoned now if The 50 They can help prevent it. Tomorrow, at four thirty, the time of the matches in the old Metropolitan, we should play the Atleti anthem where we are“José Antonio Martín proposes Peton, vice president of The 50 and promoter of the initiative. last_img