The watermelon of Wu Lei and the ‘kitchens’ of Espanyol

first_imgWeibo ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Pipa’s food for which he received Darder’s jokes.Weibo He also comments how “of course” the Argentines exhibited their roasting skills. And it emphasizes that the nutritionist He has asked them that every morning, before breakfast, are weighed and send him a picture of the scale.Weibo ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Wu Lei shows the barbecue of one of the Argentine players from Espanyol.Weibo Wu Lei reflects that these days of confinement “can be said what are the most difficult moment of the life. This test shows us what little we are the Humans in front of nature and how insignificant a sports classification is at the moment. “” I will enjoy every day until let’s play again“sentence. “In the confinement, we have realized simplicity. From eating, sleeping, exercising, household chores … It is easier to find the pleasures of life in a calm day, even in a watermelon“Wu Lei says, showing his finding on camera. And this fruit has to do with the news of the week in the Espanyol squad, as the club dietitian challenged the players to show their culinary skills through the chat they share.Besides recognizing that cooking is new for him, reveals the attacker some interiors of that healthy competition that they maintained between soccer players. For example, when Gonzalo Avila ‘Pipa’ showed the photo of the dish he had just prepared, Sergi Darder she teased him if it was to feed his pet. With “happiness” for the opening of Wuhan and the wish that “that moment I arrived soon in Spain “begins Wu Lei his weekly diary, in which Explain that already start training normally at home (treadmill, bike and strength) after overcome a COVID-19 Whose symptoms your partner still suffers. But above all speaks the Espanyol player of the life pleasures. And of the food. Everything at once.last_img