Little Diamond/Herstelling NDC workers not paid March salary

first_img…investigation launchedThe Regional Chairman of Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica), Genevieve Allen, has ordered for an investigation to be launched into the non-payment of staff attached to the Little Diamond/Herstelling Neighbourhood Democratic CouncilOverseer Candacey Atherly (at left seated) and Overseer from the Caledonia/Good Success NDC during last month’s meeting at Triumph, ECD(NDC).During the monthly Regional Communities Committee meeting, concerns were raised by the Vice Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Earl Lambert and Assistant Regional Executive Officer (AREO), Ramnarine Singh, that the employees had not received their salaries, which were due.This is in light of the fact the Chairman of the NDC, Madan Singh reportedly refused to sign the pay slips last weekend for the staff to receive fortnightly salaries. As a result, 13 persons remained unpaid for the Easter holidays.“This is unacceptable and I am launching an immediate investigation as this nonsense cannot and will not continue,” were the words of Allen who demanded that an investigation be launched to address this matter.It was also revealed by the RDC Chairman that this is not the first encounter of such behaviour by the NDC Chairman, adding that he refuses to attend meetings organised by Council. In one instance, a meeting was scheduled and when contacted, Singh indicated that he was attending the meeting. However, after several hours, he called to inform that he was no longer coming to the meeting.“These persons have worked and by law, they are to be paid, paid not when the Chairman feels ready and happy to, but paid within the stipulated time frame of when salaries are due,” the RDC Chairman stated.She later disclosed that, “Mr Madan Singh has taken matters into his own hands in refusing to sign the vouchers and the other NDCs that were present were informed about the circumstances surrounding his refusal and I  have launched an investigation after which we as a region will certainly have to take the appropriate action.”However, when contacted, the NDC Chairman has waived all of these accusations as “misguided statements”, noting that the vouchers were not ready last week so he opted to wait until this week when all were ready and then he would sign them but according to Allen, it remains highly unlikely that the employees will be paid before this Friday.last_img