Ali more than 100 billion investment charm to create a platform for the purchase of luxury flash


technology news July 8th business news, Alibaba today announced more than billion strategic investment glamour, jointly build luxury flash sales business platform glamour (, providing deep discounts to consumers directly authorized brand of high-quality goods. At the same time, as the major international luxury goods, light luxury fashion brand, provide limited discount, genuine sales of the whole supply chain service.

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said that after the investment charm benefits, Ali all formats, multi-level, cross platform retail service system is further improved. I hope to give full play to the advantages of charisma, and Tmall and other platforms to form synergies, to provide consumers with more high-quality high-end goods. At the same time, Alibaba will help charm and its brand partners access Ali ecology, for them to more effectively locate the consumer groups, marketing brand, build an Internet based supply chain system.

after the completion of this transaction, the Alibaba will be in Tmall’s platform to set up a service team, to support the development of glamour, help the glamour in the user growth, brand cooperation, logistics and IT service infrastructure and other aspects of expansion and upgrading. The glamour will also help Tmall to further improve the introduction of the brand library, expand Ali in the luxury, light luxury electric field advantage.

CEO Thibault Villet founder and glamour (former president of Coach China District) said, very pleased to get strategic investment Alibaba, the two sides complement each other together with Tmall for consumers with high quality, genuine security brand goods. The two sides will seize the consumer upgrade brings light luxury, luxury development trend, to provide consumers with more diversified services. (Warriors)