Stop the payoffs

first_imgWinnetka Pleasing a voter block Re “Turks blamed in mass killings” (Oct. 11): Yesterday the House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to to call the massacre of Armenians by Turkey at the end of World War I a “genocide.” This event happened overseas and America had no hand in it. Almost 90 years have passed and America has both Armenians and Turkish citizens and now these Democrats have fostered a hatred between these groups larger than before. I suppose I should ask Congress to chastise North Africa for Hannibal killing 50,000 Roman soldiers in one day at Cannae. If it meant a vote for the Democrats, they would probably do it. This certainly points out the stupidity of Congress when it comes to good old-fashioned horse sense when it comes to protecting America’s interest, instead of pleasing a block of voters. – Joseph Nicassio Valencia And pay sales tax? Re “The mother of all garage sales” (Oct. 12): I have just finished reading your article about the mom who makes it a yearly (or twice yearly) event of having a consignment garage sale. Although her actions of helping the needy are commendable, I hope that after paying for a business license, paying sales tax to the state (even garage sales are taxable) and the state business tax, and insurance, she still makes enough money to go on vacation. All her “vendors” must also collect and pay sales tax and have the proper license as well. This mom’s venture is no different than a flea market which requires all vendors to collect and pay sales tax. – Lou Green Northridge Sport fees for schools Re “Should kids pay to play?” (Sept. 29): Schools are truly part of communities they encompass and the rise in fees toward youth groups makes me sick. Working at an LAUSD school for three years and coaching youth basketball for five, I have been in the limelight of the mess. In the past I would charge small fees for player participation, but now I must make it a financial burden to players due to the fact of rising “fees” announced by LAUSD. Because of these increased fees, participation has dropped in youth sports, which truly influences many children’s lives. It is extremely difficult to turn down children who wish to participate, but cannot due to the increased fee for the basketball gym use. Club and youth sports give children a place to meet friends, stay out of the streets, fight obesity and, most of all, have fun. – Todd Wolfson West Hills Boo McCartney Re “McCartney, Mills go to court” (News Lite, Oct. 12): Oh, poor Paul McCartney has to give up some of his fortune made from the number of songs he wrote glorifying drugs and which too many listeners hadn’t the brains to recognize, and thus, America, thanks to the Beatles’ arrival on these shores, has turned us into the No. 1 drug-using nation in the world. Thanks, Paul, for your generosity to our culture and good luck spending the $1 billion you still so undeservedly have in your pocket. – Paul Vaughn Van Nuys Entitlement Re “Bush out of touch” (Your Opinions, Oct. 10): John Blumenthal believes that President Bush is “amazingly heartless” because he did not expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan to include families with annual incomes of up to $80,000 per year and also to include even families that now have private health insurance. It seems more than a little absurd to me to ask those of us who earn less than $80,000 per year to subsidize this expansion of government entitlement for middle-class citizens. Our taxes to pay for this will only increase as this program grows, because all government entitlement programs have always grown. – Sid Conkwright Van Nuys Raider fan responds Re “Loyal Bruin fan” (Your Opinions, Oct. 11): Don’t disrespect Raider fans. UCLA Bruins football is known for its annual collapse. Bruin fans are all too willing to accept 3-6 losses per year. USC fans expect perfect seasons and are not afraid to voice concerns to their team or coach. I take exception to Denis Cremins’ addition of the Raiders to his post. I submit this phrase: “Win, lose or tie, Raider nation ’till I die.” True Raider fans have a love for this franchise, which is clear to us and unexplainable to others. This is something that you, sir, can never truly begin to comprehend. – Michael J. Lusk Palmdale Who’s to stop him? Naive, idealistic, stupid are the only words for Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University, for his honoring Ahmadinejad, probably more of a pure-evil threat to Western civilization than Hitler’s Nazism – also honored by Columbia University in 1933 and 1936. Ahmadinejad’s triumph over Columbia University and the U.N. will be propagandized to one-quarter of the world’s population. After World War II, there were two “never agains” declared by liberal theorists: No more Auschwitz, no more Hiroshima! Ahmadinejad promises to achieve both. Who is to stop the Islamic-extremist acquisition of nuclear bombs? Certainly not a gutless U.N. – Aaron L. Kolom Los Angeles Clear the air Let’s set the story straight: America was attacked not because of who we are but for our foreign policies and our threat of world domination. The World Trade Center does not represent America as a whole. It was an entity representative of America’s corporate financial dominance around the world. American citizens are the fall guy for a corporate America that calls the shots. To say the enemy hates Americans is a flat-out lie. They hate our arrogant manipulation of their cultures and their way of being. It’s not the people; it’s the policies. – Liz Tholberg Woodlands Hills Cutting back on water Re “H20 woes” (Oct. 9): I am so tired of hearing how Southland residents must cut back on water. The farmers are facing cuts. And yet, the developers just keep on building. Huge mansions, 10 houses where one once stood, the permits just keep on rolling out City Hall’s doors. Why should I cut back? I see no reason until the city cuts back on new housing. Don’t ration us, ration City Hall and its permit process. Nobody can afford those houses anyway. So instead of rationing all the folks who have lived here and paid taxes and are just trying to keep their heads above water, downtown spending should be curbed, along with fountains at malls spewing water. There is little reclamation of groundwater, and big money keeps floating into the pockets of those who are in charge downtown. – Ardis Oliver North Hills Nothing changed Re “H20 woes” (Oct. 9): Years ago I sent a letter to the Daily News about the same problem. Water. In it, I wrote this: “Those useless strips of grass we have between sidewalk and street should be cemented over. They are useless and the water used to keep them green ends in the gutter. I see this every time I walk by.” Nothing changed; I still see water running. – Dante F. Rochetti West Hills Meaning of torture Re “View from the Valley” (Oct. 11): I thought Patrick O’Connor’s query of the “meaning of torture” is just a little far-reaching. Heck, we don’t even know what the definition of “is” is. Maybe Hillary can tell us. – George Green Valley Village160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Woodland Hills Gore wins Nobel Prize Once again, the independent efforts of Al Gore have been recognized by the world. The drums are also beating in the background for a presidential run. Maybe Gore should embrace his independent soul and realize he is in a unique position to lead a struggling nation out of a broken political quagmire. Stepping away from the political party mudslinging would allow a straight course toward a new solution. A breath of fresh air. – John McLean Re “Jeff urged to settle with city” (Oct. 12): Apparently Councilwoman Jan Perry supports a settlement with former Department of Transportation General Manager Gloria Jeff because she was “disrespected.” I don’t know about you, Jan, but I was taught that you must earn someone’s respect; it is not simply given to you because you exist.In my opinion, council members like Jan Perry have “disrespected” the taxpayers of this city with their support of these ridiculous settlements. Being “disrespected” may be a reason to stop patronizing a dry cleaner, but, it is not a reason for yet another Los Angeles City Council payoff.– Kevin Teller last_img