Dangdang and other electricity providers through web games otherwise

following Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang has also recently launched online game channels, and a number of web game developers to expand cooperation. The friends in this heated debate, the majority of people believe that the biggest Dangdang aims to "cash flow", but the author thinks that dangdang.com, even previously announced the core purpose of the game intermodal Jingdong involved in the mall and other electricity providers is to build a virtual trading platform, and transport web games to do just the basic work.

Chinese online game market, props and other virtual currency transactions amounted to hundreds of billion yuan per year, plus Q coins, prepaid recharge and other virtual products, the annual market size of up to more than 100 billion. Have a huge amount of users of the site of several major electricity supplier is no reason not to meddle in the field of virtual transactions.

do virtual network trading platform at least have the following advantages: 1 no logistics links, the cost is very low. As everyone knows the construction of logistics system electricity supplier is the most headache problem, and provides a trading platform for virtual logistics links save services and products, construction without storage and other basic services, but also because of the absence of commodity circulation period, does not relate to the payment of additional problems, so do not need too much money. 2 highly standardized virtual goods, trade disputes rarely. Different from selling clothes, selling electrical appliances, often because the problem does not match the quality problem and the product description and the actual experience of consumers return or complaints, virtual goods, the biggest benefit is highly standardized, there is almost no Quejinduanliang, shoddy products. 3 even if the failure, there is no loss. If the electricity supplier opened a virtual goods trading platform, even if the failure, and what can be lost anyway, is to use existing traffic to import, the cost is so low, almost as long as you can make money.

However, Taobao

5173, and the game’s own recharge platform has relatively mature, the electricity supplier to open a virtual trading platform would need a middle course, and web game channels is the intermediate process. This is the basis for the development of a large number of loyal users, these users must be in the process of playing the game, there is a need for recharge, props trading, etc., the last batch of users will become the core user of its virtual trading platform.

speed transit network users Ding Lei when it comes to the matter said "the electricity supplier is still doing their own work, not blind expansion, to see the money to do things, enterprises only focus to be successful, the enterprise will not focus because of the huge volume, poor management and ruin." But I think Chinese e-commerce boom is ten years continuously because of the enterprise dare to try some unknown, dare to forge ahead, dare to trial and error, but I also believe that the future will continue to move forward in the electricity supplier to correct mistakes. The author of this paper is Ding Daoshi, editor in chief of the review center for fast transit network (