6 suggestions for e commerce user experience

many companies have their own B2C business mall, but also to do the promotion of Baidu Google and the like, most of the Baidu, or some of their own SEO. Flow up, but found that the user viscosity is not high, the purchase rate is always not go up. Summed up the following mall to do their own experience to share with you, hoping to help.

1: the product should be taken in kind, perhaps the boss will feel the kind of factory to the white background of the product display pictures will be more beautiful, because he did not shoot a good picture, but not on the internet. Here to tell you. Buyers to buy things in many respects is whether the photos shot, if the photos are used in others, even the best business, or not, and others are the same! That put their pictures, in order to increase the authenticity, of course, better have a professional point shot. People will not be so ugly.

2: simplify the shopping process: most of the mall shopping cart has the function, in fact the shopping cart in a large extent caused by the loss of customers, because most people buy things that are afraid of trouble, it is best to get a quick shopping, specific can consult me to do this: http://s.www.china-night.cn/goods.php id=4


3: Payment: we are facing the most customers are national, not everyone may face to face transactions, let people give you a direct hit is not real, that you need third party intermediaries, such as Alipay, caifutong, of course there are customers suspected this trouble, the you can get a cash on delivery and courier services.

4: the website has the best online instant customer service and 400 or 800 calls, if the customer service is QQ or want some online chat software IM if there is a part of the customer will get the kind of loss, "instant online customer service or 800 free phone can largely avoid the loss, but also provide the company the overall image is more formal. These things are to be placed in the obvious places, such as the right to, don’t put too obscure, the customer is not the time to find the blind in your site, unless the whole world you are the only one to sell this product.

5: Express: Overseas delivery, find a good point, do not covet cheap goods, maybe you are the best, but a poor attitude of the delivery personnel will make your customers to your full stomach complaints, and many people have been fascinated with the brand, in the two grade and lower city. People still love Chinese post, although the post now do not do.

6: the last is the perfect customer service issues, customer service, should be identified clearly, when buyers can be assured, also put in more significant position, if possible, and HP, a telephone system, regular visits, improve customer retention rates.

said the main shopping process, and constantly add…