RT O2O intends to open the first attack of fresh fresh stores in Shanghai

Darunfa supermarket operator Gao Xin retail in recent years to enter the electricity supplier, then intends to develop fresh O2O, executive director of the company Mingduan Huang pointed out that 5 of this year, June will open the first fresh O2O stores in Shanghai, will continue to shop in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen in the future.

He added that

has 36 stores in 2016, the company’s website flying cow network O2O business, this year is expected to more than and 300 stores in 2016, although the flying cow net loss is still expanding, but the magnitude of the expansion decreases with increase in efficiency, can be reduced by 1 to 200 million yuan loss this year, plan before 2020 turn ying.


and chief financial officer Xu Shengyu said the company’s existing 79 stores have signed, including 69 stores in the building, these stores in the first tier and second tier, three line, four line and five line of the city accounted for 5%, 27%, 48%, 20% and 0, the future focus is still in the three line of the city, will reduce five line city shop township.

Huang Mingduan said that in 2016 China’s retail revenue growth of 10.1%, mainly rely on the Internet retail pull, hypermarkets grew by only 0.4%, that the company’s revenue growth of 4.2% has performed better.