Wang Jianlin spent 5 billion yuan and Tencent Baidu made out of the original electric providers who

fly where the electricity supplier formally launched today, you will give it a face to go around it?

National Father Wang Jianlin joint Baidu, Tencent two Internet heavy hit the capital to build the fly where the electricity supplier formally launched today.

Wang Jianlin brewing Wanda electricity supplier project has been close to three years, and has publicly expressed the need to set up a network of Internet providers that are different from Taobao and Jingdong. By Wanda Group more than and 100 square and close to 100 hotels, some resort membership system, members collect consumption frequency, amount and preference in the mobile terminal, and then through the big data to merchants and shop layout.

to build the vast magnificent Wanda electricity supplier website, the Wang Jianlin plan is three years to invest 5 billion yuan, and the introduction of Baidu and Tencent two shareholders each accounted for 15% stake in the Tencent and Baidu two Internet Co resources (hey, a little wrong, why do the electricity supplier to do the search, and social networking companies) to do a global maximum, O2O business platform.

heard this website officially launched today, I am very excited to open the fly who want to experience the business invested 5 billion yuan of the website will be how glamorous, so in the domain.

results appear in this page:


ah, this is extremely luxurious?? various international big names? Why the menu bar only restaurants, movies and integral, the entire page is a insipid feeling, you come too heavily dug designer.

in addition, Wanda is not more than and 100 square and close to 100 hotels, there should be a lot of commodity information or promotional discounts, or I would like to visit a few pages for everyone to see it.

only catering, flying where the electricity supplier only Sichuan food and snack two dishes, Beijing only five restaurants offer dining discount vouchers, is the basic form of.

but please note that at present only Shijingshan and Tongzhou Wanda shops have businesses to provide services, feeling and Beijing city has not much relationship.


seems to still have a lot of cooperation of the brand, but only a simple point in my comment. Baidu Nuomi cooperation is not a business to come in?


look at the movie.

from the price point of view, should be roughly equal to the price of Wanda members. Compared with Guevara, Taobao, and the cat’s movie tickets and movie tickets, or some expensive. For example, catch the Chinese 3D in the vicinity of the East Third Ring Road, Beijing, a cinema price is 55 yuan, while the same lot of Wanda cinema ticket price of $90. Well, feel this feeling.

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