Products ‘Made in Africa’ on the rise

first_img13 May 2016At WEF Africa 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda, Ugandan journalist Nancy Kacungira asked the audience just how many of the cars, clothes or coffees they drink has a label that says “Made in Africa”. Not many.There may be one-billion people living in Africa but its production output is just 1.5%. She said leaders are trying to change this with some success, but there are some challenges.Kacungira speaks to Namibian entrepreneur Ally Angula, Dutch businessman Johan C. Aurik and the CEO of the Industrial Development Corporation in South Africa, Geoffrey Qhena, on the future of production in Africa.They address the way new technologies are transforming the world’s manufacturing systems, how governments can facilitate home-grown innovation and what Africa’s role will be in the fourth industrial revolution.South reporterlast_img