Engine Yard Releases Heroku Migration Tool

first_imgWhy You Love Online Quizzes klint finley Tags:#hack#Tools Related Posts Engine Yard announced today the availability of a tool to transfer applications from Heroku‘s Ruby platform-as-a-service to Engine Yard’s own Ruby PaaS, AppCloud.The migration tool, called ey-migrate, is available from Github. It was created by Engine Yard VP of Technology Dr. Nic Williams. “Back when I was at Mocra, I would have loved a migration tool to help us migrate an initial Heroku app to a production environment like Engine Yard AppCloud,” Williams wrote. “Fortunately I had a couple weeks at home recently after the birth of my third child, so I finally had the time to create the tool I always wanted – a migration tool to onboard on to Engine Yard AppCloud from other places.”Salesforce.com acquired Heroku last year. At the time, Engine Yard CEO John Dillon told us: “No respectable developer wants to be on Salesforce.com. This could drive even more developers to Engine Yard’s open platform.” We ran a poll asking whether Heroku would lose credibility due to the acquisition. Most respondents said that Heroku would be fine, but there was a sizable minority that was more skeptical.Data portability and vendor lock-in are hot topics, so this is a timely service. Don’t be surprised to see other platform providers offering migration tools, along with incentives to switch from one service to another.In addition to Heroku, Engine Yard competes with Duostack.center_img 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoid How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees?last_img