2014 ushered in mobile electricity supplier battle Alibaba incoming

Wang Kexin technology Tencent March 3rd news

this year, the Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun (micro-blog) group ALL (IN orders to enter the mobile electricity supplier).

Ma Yun in February 28th, said in an internal e-mail, mobile providers will be the most important areas of the mobile Internet era, the 2014 is cloud + end, Alibaba ALL IN mobile providers. Alibaba must move with hundreds of millions of users to DT (data technology), driven by the end of the cloud, cloud rich side, the construction of mobile e-commerce ecosystem.

ALL IN this statement because of the "Dezhou Poker" and popular, its meaning is all invested, go all out.

Ma Yun’s speech to disclose what information? Alibaba group mobile providers how to do ALL IN mobile electricity supplier, the organizational structure and what will happen to change?

Ma internal mail dismantling

Ma Yun mentioned in the internal mail mentioned mobile providers, DT (data technology), cloud and end. But for the link, behind the organization, specifically how to do, some ordinary users see foggy".

it is understood that the cloud refers to cloud computing and big data, the end is APP. From the cloud to the end, the middle is the flow of data. End driven cloud, cloud rich side can be understood as more and more APP users, the data generated by the cloud, cloud data analysis based on user needs, so as to enrich the content of the APP side.

in the PC era, Alibaba advocates C2B mode, on-demand production, providing customized services. C2B mode data flow mainly in accordance with PV, UV, etc.. In the mobile era, the collection of data is more direct and accurate than the PC side, for example, user location, scan code, the use of APP, such as the effective time, which is conducive to the construction of mobile electricity supplier ecosystem." Alibaba said.

The general manager of

O2O Department of Alibaba Wu Qian had expressed this ideal state: the future through the analysis of a peripheral location of user data, understand user preferences, may guide the department store location.

Ma Yun put forward the above keywords, and Alibaba organization structure, business correspondence.

which involves cloud computing sector, including Ali cloud, sharing business division. Ali cloud was founded in September 2009, open to enterprise users, fast taxi, the balance of treasure are supported by Ali cloud. September 26, 2013 years ago, Ali cloud President Wang Jian; since then, Ali cloud, President of Alibaba group, deputy CTO served as president of. Shared business division is done at the bottom, the same person in charge of Jiang Peng.

big data services involving data platform division, Data Committee two departments. Data platform Division