Talk about making money online scam

many novice friends just begin to contact Wangzhuan, do most of the things is to the network to collect all kinds of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, and this process, we often see such as "network type like part-time recruitment advertising" these ads content quite attractive, basically is to say a few hours work every day, day to earn hundreds of hundreds or even more exaggerated. So, in the face of such an attractive advertising, you look after is not very heart? Heart, I would like to face the novice speaking, yes, but after the heartbeat?. In fact, the so-called network typing to make money, most of which are a scam, are false.

here to reveal the secret of their deception means that, in order to avoid everyone fooled, probably the following:

1, when you go to their website, the first thing to do is to go to their website registration, registration when you need to fill out my mobile phone number, when you click to fill in the next step, he will suggest that you need to verify the code, he will be sent to your mobile phone verification code fill in the inside of the mobile phone, receive the verification code SMS will prompt you to work part-time or full-time part-time, let you choose "reply SMS reply message 1, full-time 2". When you follow this process, after the operation, they sent a text message again, for example, you want to record the newspaper or magazine, the newspaper reply 1, magazine reply to 2". You can reply, they send text messages will then step by step to, if you have been in operation so that after a while you lose a lot of calls.

There are

, the crooks do not deceive you sms charges, but will cheat you time, after some typing such as registration website, the registration website will require you to download some software installation (in fact, these download software is on the network CPA AD) they are lying to you to download the software, registered account to get advertising revenue, if you follow the steps they will do after you register endless, will require you to send some posts to some QQ group to send advertising.


, also some typing part-time fraud site more rampant, in a flagrant way defraud, they will even want you to pay the deposit, they want you to provide the account hit tens of dollars, said that after you finish typing tasks with wages back to you, you may want to, anyway, dozens of money is not what the big deal. The work will be returned to me, so you hit the past, the results of

as can be imagined!Although the

network of a type to make money network knowledge people, are very easy to see through is a hoax, but there are still many novice could not help the temptation and fall into the trap and blandishments cheat, we usually on the Internet (such as forum posts, QQ group, QQ News) see money typing part-time are false please don’t believe. In fact, some of the money is also true to make typing. If you really want to do some typing make Wangzhuan project, you can go to some well-known domestic Witkey website to >