A wave of cross border electricity beating the drums of what they want to spring

March 7th news, after entering in March, a big wave of cross-border electricity supplier has entered the spring big promotion model. Compared to last year the focus on maternal and child category play the "price war" of the event, this year’s spring promotion slightly low, but also no surprise. On the one hand, in addition to baby, beauty category has become a platform for a number of competition area, on the other hand, affected by the recent cross-border deal forthcoming news, the big promotion seems to be important to clear the bonded warehouse.

, however, may be far more than the purpose of promoting this. According billion state power network understanding, in 2015 after the "black five" and Christmas promotion, most of the cross-border electricity supplier into the rest period, and after entering the spring, everyone needs a day to activate the consumer shopping store, set the tone for the running of the new year.


has so far, including Jingdong global purchase, the United States, vip.com, Amazon overseas purchase, honey bud, shop No. 1, koala sea purchase, the platform has been the first sounded spring promotion war, and in the next few weeks, babe network, ocean terminal, beauty, and other platforms will continue scouring the world offensive.

for the 2016 Spring Festival to promote war, the cross-border electricity supplier will play what tricks? What to say? For this, the state power grid extract has launched several cross-border operations highlights, and the views and attitudes of the spring do a summary of war.

honey bud: this year’s price war to let everyone see the change

last year, the first launch of the electricity supplier price war honey bud, this year is also early into the big rhythm. In February 15th to February 26th and opened the warm-up activities, "301 berserk Festival is from February 29th 21 points to start, for several days, and set the delicacy, dress, health care products, feeding supplies 14 different venues.

CEO honey bud Liu Nan to billion state power network said, every March honey bud will do such a berserk Festival last year, the main purpose is to show diapers, vertical electric business in cross-border cases most efficient overseas supply chain strength, and this year is more is to let everyone see changes.

this year’s price war is not simply the price competition, but the development of brand cooperation, cross-border cooperation, such as the whole ecosystem." Liu Nan said, "to be honest, the price war last year, honey bud laid the basic status of the retail brand in infant. In the same month, the world’s top 5 brands of diapers in my office, a fierce agent makes the whole market was shocked, after this we quickly launched a cooperation and brand business."

Amazon sea Outsourcing: do not care about the price war this level of competition

purchased the Amazon sea will be the theme for the Spring Festival to promote the "modern family", launched in March 7th. Activities will be divided into two stages: from March 7th to 13, the main push spring, men and women children’s clothing.