Upgrade the way cattle sale strategy to make tourism industry vip com

[Abstract] the way cattle sale channel trial operation in two months, a daily average of 20 on-line poop, May booking number mom in April rose nearly 20 times.

Since April 10th,

sale channel line online, the way cattle do travel sale ideas gradually clear. In June 9th, tuniu convened 200 around Nanjing tourism suppliers, preaching the new on-line sale platform. In the process, the way cattle on the concept of tourism vip.com "to the outside world on sale business. COO Yan Haifeng said the sale will tuniu is an important future strategy, at the same time, the way cattle in the mobile app has been fully to the sale of products tilt.


according to internal data, sale channel trial operation in two months, the average daily on-line 20 new potter. The supplier sale channel launched by the "explosion" and "Weihuo" products, covering more than 50 domestic and outbound destinations, May booking number than in April rose nearly 20 times.

vip.com has proven its ability to digest inventory with amazing results. Whether in traditional retail or tourism, suppliers are more or less face the pressure of inventory. Upstream suppliers of the tourism industry, usually in advance of the annual purchase of air tickets, hotels and other resources, once the off-season or other factors that can not be controlled, suppliers will face a lot of sales pressure. Tuniu CEO in duright said that the tourism industry upstream suppliers inventory accounting in about 5% of the size of the tourism market Potter in 5 billion -100 billion yuan.

according to Yu Dunde’s introduction, the travel supplier’s product inventory, previously usually rely on a small circle of cooked to digest. But the way cattle sale channel by way of the platform more effectively solve large-scale supplier poop pressure. At the same time, this part of the price of consumer products. It has the very strong attraction. In addition, the popularity of the mobile terminal, but also to buy, spike this flash purchase mode becomes possible. It is for these reasons, the way cattle are determined to move through the app to enter the tourism market potter.


in May 9th Nasdaq, as of last Friday’s closing price of $16.5, the market value of nearly $800 million. In the chain of travel industry, the way cattle belonging to the "agent" role, first to the suppliers of tourism products upstream, and then to the consumers through the online sales platform. The on-line sale channel, still belongs to the retail model. The supplier can independently develop products on sale poop platform, and their own pricing. But the way cattle are given guidance, usually the sale of products price in the market price of about half off. For this part of the business, the way cattle are currently no profit target, technology costs arising from transactions only to suppliers to charge 2% of the fee collection and payment.

in addition to the potter product sale, tuniu for suppliers in the promotion conference, also introduced another called "explosion" products, "explosion" is aims at the tourist season in advance pre-sale, also relatively favorable.