The electronic commerce ushered in the golden age to feature win together Amoy

Premier Wen Jiabao during the two sessions of the country made in 2010, the government work report, to strengthen the trade circulation system and other infrastructure, and actively develop the concept of e-commerce. The report also stressed the need to vigorously develop the e-commerce industry.

online shopping group in 2009 the number of online shopping users reached 180 million people, an annual growth rate of 45%. Coupled with government support to increase. The combination of internal and external, we can say without exaggeration: the golden age of e-commerce development has arrived.

as the most important part of e-commerce in our country, the mode of online shopping and the center of gravity are also changing.

at present, the industry generally believe that the C2C dominate the market pattern will gradually shift to mainstream B2C online shopping mode, e-commerce enterprise is a professional small sellers can not match, imagine a cable to a computer to find a good purchase channels for individual sellers, can be compared with whether in the enterprise platform, price, product quality or service quality, professional B2C e-commerce enterprises have absolute advantage. Therefore, B2C accumulate steadily ripe, after the Taobao era has come, C2C dominate the world situation will be gone for ever. Online shopping market is also facing B2C led reshuffle.

block into the B2C environment in many producers, how can the

talent shows itself?

Taobao Mall in Shenzhen may e-commerce company’s electronic mall, is a new generation of professional consumer e-commerce service website, the use of flexible and efficient procurement advantages, e-commerce services experience and the most advanced Internet technology to provide quality services to customers.

As one of the most professional e-commerce websites,

has been trying to create a relaxed, safe and convenient shopping experience. From the date of creation, has always been to set the strength of the mobile phone as the main product, the establishment of a high quality of the purchase channels, the accumulation of a large number of professional experience and advantages, to ensure that the advantages of commodity prices while ensuring excellent quality. And to create together Amoy characteristics: industry is cash on delivery, 15 days no reason to return service. More advanced customer service center, the implementation of the purchase after the initiative to return the system to solve the problems encountered in the purchase of goods from the use of the process.

Taobao Mall through the characteristics of marketing, for customers to create easy, safe and convenient shopping environment, humanity service concept to give customers with sufficient care to win many customers and support, perfect established its own brand. "Good things, to Amoy Oh" this slogan is moving more consumers.

have entered the B2C field in the traditional enterprise, small and medium-sized enterprises in e-commerce to deus ex, together Amoy marketing model and philosophy is the reference value. We also look forward to Amoy mall to provide us with more quality products and services.