A traditional enterprises human blood experience

why traditional enterprises to enter the electricity supplier


is generally divided into two kinds: one is the boss is too powerful, and his strategic vision is good, very early start layout; one is forced, no way, the inventory is too large, on the.

Tonlion is the second, under the pressure of a lot of inventory, warehouse cargo lot, holding the idea of Taobao as a sewer. The boss required is not high, ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan more than ten million yuan every day is good.


however, in August 26, 2010, with a Taobao autumn big promotion, the single day exceeded 1 million yuan (when Taobao highest single day sales will more than half a million yuan), chairman also silly, buy a cake, champagne to celebrate the electricity supplier team under the line, also less than 1 million yuan a single day, think it is a miracle.

at that time is the scale oriented, personnel funds are invested. 2010 double eleven, more than $10 million in 2011 exceeded 20 million yuan.

but these days we have been in the reckoning, think the scale stage should be ended, the boss also felt it should end. The boss’s idea is very simple, when your inventory handled almost, he came back to give you money to benefit, certainly not in a complete mess, that is, to find the profit model, to find out the value of your existence.

do not know, a count scared

second stages, from 2012 to 2013, we are looking for profit model. After the first two years of development, I give you a suggestion, try not to spend too much time to rush the scale, or to adjust the back will be very difficult, but also more difficult to determine, why?

is the first stage of our bigger, second stages we have a psychological preparation. To make a profit, the scale may not be able to maintain this amount. We simply count sales, gross margin, expense ratio, rate of produce and sale, these are very basic indicators, a few years ago we pay special attention to sales, not carefully behind the index, this year we lost a count.

we have a monthly sales of 20 million yuan, including tax. Costs may be 7 million yuan, gross profit margin may be at $8 million, that is $8 million, divided by $1.7, to go after tax, it will be $about 6000000, minus 7 million yuan, or negative!

this is not surprising, but we did not count. I told the chief financial officer that the report you gave me didn’t make any sense. Because it is financially very well, as I just logical computation, we only have five or six million yuan in profits, but the financial supervisor gave me out there may be 15 million yuan, it can be made out of.

chairman a few months ago so we very happy this month until the July net profit of 2 million yuan, how to lose 200>