WAL MART 1 shop break through the hands of rumors sharing procurement logistics

in the sale of WAL-MART’s own brand, the store is expected to appear in another 1 WAL-MART elements. According to the Beijing Daily reporter learned from WAL-MART to provide financial support for the mother’s entrepreneurial cycle project in the future may appear in store 1. It is also seen as WAL-MART initiative, through the way of product cooperation, breaking the rumor repeatedly sold Shop No. 1 was sold rumors WAL-MART.


WAL-MART side said, 2014-2016, plans to invest 3 million yuan, respectively, $3 million 300 thousand, $3 million 700 thousand to continue to support the mother entrepreneurial cycle project. WAL-MART China Senior Vice President of corporate affairs Bo Rui said, hoping to bring these items produced by the product into the WAL-MART supply chain, or you can also try to open the 1 shop in the female goods channel. If the product can meet the WAL-MART procurement standards, you can enter the WAL-MART procurement system supply chain. We have considered docking sales, but at the moment is just an idea, maybe 1 stores will be willing to try in this regard." Bo Rui said.

compared with the project, it is more noteworthy is that WAL-MART and store 1 finally let the industry see the product level cooperation. May 2011 WAL-MART shares 1 shop, accounting for 17.7% of shares in August 2012, the Ministry of Commerce approved WAL-MART’s holdings of shop No. 1 increased to $51.3%. However, shop No. 1 in the second half of the two reported to have rumors. According to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, WAL-MART strategic investment 1 shop, shop No. 1 is part of WAL-MART’s global e-commerce. In addition to WAL-MART’s own brand goods sold in store 1, shop No. 1 also enjoy WAL-MART’s global supply chain, sharing procurement, logistics, and in order to establish its import barriers in the field of food advantage.

, however, between the 1 store and WAL-MART’s "slow" cooperation has attracted much attention, this is the shop No. 1 has been spread rumors to reason. Especially in the Jingdong, Ali listed, the domestic electricity supplier and ecological pattern is gradually changing, only the TOP10 business shop No. 1 non-listed company. With a view to WAL-MART still need to continue to burn the shop 1, there may be other considerations. Affected by the economic downturn in the United States, as well as the impact of government spending cuts affect consumer spending, WAL-MART 2014 fiscal year net profit of $16 billion, down by 5.7%. In September this year, in the face of rumors, Huarun sold "1 shop direct response, shop No. 1 and the strategic partner of WAL-MART and Huarun never group on capital cooperation had contact. 1 shop and WAL-MART cooperation is progressing smoothly, the two sides are very satisfied with the current business arrangements".