Ali Wanda fifast propaganda Jingdong will bring 3000 alliance war 618

news June 6th, 618 is approaching, billion state power network has learned, in addition to 618 this year, such as Jingdong, Ali and several other faces in the traditional electronic business platform, new business location in the "entity + Internet" fifast also announced the day before, will bring its members 3000+ entity alliance, formal "war" 618.

"carve up" 618 market fly how to play

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, the 618, fifast will bring its 3000 settled in the shopping center and many members of the league, held a hundred thousand shop crazy year celebration". Jingdong and other electronic business platform to fight the price of a variety of online games is different, where the flight will be implemented under the integration of online and offline linkage, focusing on pulling the line strategy.

From all aspects of

billion state power network to understand, this event, flying where the client will launch a "Crazy", "crazy smoke" and "crazy shake", "crazy," enjoy "the mad rush" five play. Users through the fly where APP shake, red envelopes, etc., will have the opportunity to get a huge amount of pocket money, iPhone, and even Mercedes Benz smart surprise award. In addition, from June 10th onwards, as long as the use of consumers who fly fast payment, you can enjoy unlimited number of random reduction, maximum free activities.

flying APP screenshot

in addition to a variety of online activities, under the line, according to the relevant person in charge of flying, said the 3000+ business alliance members, from shopping malls, supermarkets to department stores, the main consumer scene a lot. And according to its introduction, the major shopping centers and businesses over the tens of thousands of well-known brands have also joined in, not only the line will have a corresponding discount, where the flight APP also launched a corresponding event offers.

against electricity supplier giant emboldened in


in fact, 618 has been to fight the giant Jingdong led by the electricity supplier Festival, on-line time less than two years as Wanda who fly how to choose, so adding "grappling festival".


, fifast said, the dormant years, fifast continue to explore their own direction, many times, has been transformed into "real scene + Internet service providers, Internet business entities docking grafting needs. Who will fly in the future integrated entity business, entertainment, tourism, health, delicacy and public service resources, the integration of Internet technology, build a full range of "entity + Internet" open platform for real estate operators and consumers.

fact, according billion state power network is understood as the bearer of Wanda transformation of the Internet, the next line will lead to a huge amount of traffic line dream fifast, from the start with a golden key "birth" will not be optimistic about the outside world, its business model has changed several times, but the CEO also changed a few.

however dormant after a year, flying where the re appearance on "entity + Internet scene service operators" identity.

it is understood that this year, where the fly