Working together no limits to what we can achive Australian leader tells

Nations working together can serve our common humanity, Prime Minister Tony Abbott told the annual United Nations summit, reiterating Australia’s goal to be a “light on the hill” amid terrorism, aggression and the outbreak of disease.Addressing the 69th high-level debate, Mr. Abbott reiterated his country’s support for the international body despite its “imperfections” because it is “better than might-is-right and it gives good arguments the best chance to prevail.” “To build this better world, we need to respond sensibly to the problems before us (whether through bodies such as the UN or in coalition with like-minded countries); and we need to work purposefully to create stronger and more resilient people and communities,” he said. The Prime Minister also voiced his vision of economic growth, spurred by private-sector partnerships, which he aims to implement as this year’s chair of the G20. Turning to the Millennium Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda which is this year’s theme for the General Assembly debate, Mr. Abbott noted that the new goals should focus on economic growth because growth makes every other social goal, such as tackling climate change, easier to accomplish.“We have never believed that we can save the world single-handedly; but nor have we shrunk from shouldering our responsibilities,” Mr. Abbott concluded.