ntelligent digital Jingdong then meet HTC Jia Ming Shi Rome into the array of double eleven fully

eleven on the eve of the major manufacturers and electricity suppliers to recharge your batteries, poised, ready to "double eleven" to fight a good fight. Since October 18th the Jingdong open the double eleven manufacturers of intelligent digital signing ceremony, a large number of manufacturers require active cooperation with the Jingdong, dozens of well-known manufacturers including Lenovo, CASIO, SKYWORTH, Rover, has completed the intelligent digital signing and Jingdong. October 25th, Jingdong intelligent digital camp once again expanded, and HTC, Jia Ming, Rome Shi three well-known brands in the Jingdong group headquarters in the completion of the 2016 double strategic cooperation letter of intent signing ceremony of the eleven. For now, the number of companies involved in the increase is still increasing, Jingdong intelligent digital camp will continue to expand.


HTC and Jingdong signed an underwriting agreement and promised to double eleven for users sharing

according to the contract, double eleven period, HTC, Jia Ming Shi, Rome will give priority to the Jingdong as a new starting platform, Jingdong will be a full range of intelligent digital HTC, Jia Ming, Rome provide product planning, marketing, warehousing, logistics solutions. At the same time, to return the old and new users, HTC, Jia Ming, Rome Shi all manufacturers will create huge discounts and let the consumer digital Jingdong. In addition to the introduction of "million pieces of intelligent digital products 1 yuan purchase, also launched fashion accessories over 99 minus 50, full 199 minus 100 coupons and other activities at the same time, God berserk, in November 3rd 0 yuan to buy the tablet computer more benefits, and many preferential activities.


Jingdong and Jia Ming reached an agreement, double eleven consumer feedback

eleven is coming, and the electricity supplier manufacturers scramble, strive for. But in the fierce market competition, only the combination can go hand in hand, the Jingdong with its comprehensive advantages in the process of the platform, combined with the brands, rely on Jingdong and large data accumulated over many years of marketing experience, improve their market share, and ultimately realize joint development, mutual benefit and win-win".


Jingdong and Rome work together to fight against double eleven

It is reported that

, to Jingdong and intelligent digital signing manufacturers are increasing, as in this year’s "double eleven Shopping Festival has perfect victory, manufacturers and providers will use at the appointed time, consumers will exhaust all the skills, have a what kind of shopping feast? Let us together to


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