Snack electricity providers three squirrels were Rui capital investment of 300 million

[Abstract] this is the three round of this round of D round of financing, which had been financing from the capital and IDG $120 million.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on September 16th

FREES FUND (peak Swiss capital) founder Li Feng today confirmed to the science and technology of Tencent, three electricity providers have completed a new round of financing electricity supplier, the total amount of up to $300 million, the fund for investors FREES FUND (peak Swiss capital).

peak Swiss fund is a new fund recently established, led by Li feng. Peak Swiss fund currently has 1 main funds and 3 special funds, the fund has a $150 million fund and a $1 billion fund.

three squirrels official confirmed the news. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of investment.

data show that three squirrels were founded in 2012, was founded at the beginning of the IDG $1 million 500 thousand A round of financing in July 2013 to get B round of $6 million, the leading investor for today’s capital, IDG and cast.

2014, three squirrels completed C round of financing, from today’s capital and IDG capital of a total of $120 million. This is the three round of this round of D round of financing. From the three squirrels at the beginning of the establishment of the forged indissoluble bound with Li Feng.

data show that three squirrels founder and CEO Zhang Liaoyuan, his early years in a plastic company salesman. In 2012, Zhang Liaoyuan in Anhui city of Wuhu set up three – a squirrel to sell nuts and dried fruit based companies.

May 2012, three squirrels on the line before, Li Feng arrived in Wuhu, and Zhang Liaoyuan party, and investment in the three squirrels.

2014 three squirrel nuts advocate brand to do $1 billion 100 million, as well as snack brands, tea brands, but also to expand the future. As one of the fastest growing Internet food brands, three squirrels claimed sales exceeded $1 billion 200 million in the first half of 2015.

however, in the recent three squirrels announced the closure of its two major brand "squirrel Mei" and "squirrel baby" in Tmall, the Jingdong and the No. 1 store official store, is believed, it is likely to be the three squirrels start strategic transformation.

It is reported that

, a chapter has a strong sense of crisis.


Zhang Liaoyuan has concluded three squirrels death: the biggest risk is food safety, food safety risk not completely resolved in China, but hope to use the Internet information and data to solve.

Internet everywhere is the risk, including micro-blog, the media, the national policy, user complaints can also let three squirrels disappear.

Zhang Liaoyuan said to the media, the whole staff is not to pay attention to how to die, how to dig every detail of the short board, the short board to suppress."