Putzmeister launches Wetkret 4 and Mixkret 3 shotcrete solutions for mining

first_imgPutzmeister’s range of mechanised shotcrete equipment is growing, this time with the addition of Wetkret 4, the next generation of equipment specially designed for underground construction. Wetkret 4 is described as ideal for narrow galleries in mining, thanks to its heavy-duty chassis with compact size (1,900 mm in width and 2,200 mm in height) and reduced turning radiuses. It boasts two spraying arm versions, adapting to your galleries requirements, one with a maximum vertical reach of 10 m and the other of 7.5 m.The shotcrete pump is the most important component in a mechanised concrete spraying system. “Putzmeister has been world famous as the manufacturer of concrete pumps par excellence for 60 years, this know-how is applied to the concrete pump mounted on the Wetkret 4, specially designed for concrete spraying. The Putzmeister Wetkret 4 pump guarantees a homogeneous shotcrete application, to be able to ensure the required quality and layer thickness, as well as reducing rebound. Its concrete flow of 20 m3/h allows for increased productivity.”Wetkret 4 also comes equipped with automatic synchronisation of the additive dosage with the concrete flow, a FOPS/ROPS-certified cabin that faces the direction of travel, ICVD hydrostatic transmission, an integrated air compressor and optimal weight distribution.Putzmeister has also launched a new low-profile concrete mixing and transport device, Mixkret 3, thus expanding its Mixkret family (Mixkret 3, Mixkret 4 and Mixkret 5), which complement and improve the overall shotcrete process. “Mixkret 3 is compact and robust, small in size and turning radius and suitable for narrow vein mining. The perfect complement to Wetkret 4…it has the same components as Wetkret 4, facilitating and improving spare parts management.”It is the only mixer in the market of its height (2,200 mm) that has a mixing capacity of 3 m3. The tank’s novelty lifting system offers a wide versatility in terms of the height of concrete release in robotised equipment for shotcrete. “Like the rest of the Putzmeister Mixkret range, Mixkret 3 has powerful motorisation (a diesel engine with 4 cylinders and 106 kW), which gives it a great capacity for climbing and transfer, as well as the ability to work at height. It also has a continuously variable hydrostatic transmission system (ICVD) without gear changes, which improves climbing ability, transfer speed, starting acceleration and fuel consumption.”last_img