Electricity supplier duopoly war eleven Jingdong play Psyche

eleven is Tmall double singles years pushing the promotion day, due to the dual eleven users know, netizens concept in the heart has become the supplier of promotional Festival, all platforms have double bonus of eleven. In the minds of Internet users are no longer the double eleven and Tmall binding, each business platform Gexianshentong, electricity resources war climax. After years of accumulation and competition, Jingdong, Tmall has become a duopoly business platform in the industry level of most concern, the double eleven is two more layout in the flow, logistics, marketing, creative technology, even for one month in advance.

online and offline when Tmall, Jingdong closure double eleven

double eleven close, the major electricity providers have begun to vigorously publicize the desire to cut the flow of two strong eleven. Double eleven as the most attractive to the domestic online shopping electricity supplier promotions, electricity providers are also bound to benefit from. The flow of competition, no doubt become the focus of the double eleven propaganda focus.

although the double eleven promotion is initiated by Tmall, but Jingdong on the double eleven of the importance of not less than Tmall. In addition to a large number of promotional information, both in the home, took the lead in the online game, launched a tug of war. Compared to Tmall’s "red.", "Jingdong JOY tiger, defend Beijing beans" the "tiger" as a large feline animal, the Jingdong will be directed at Tmall, made during the double eleven compete for the smoke four.

recently, in addition to online publicity, in the subway, TV and Internet portal, is everywhere Jingdong, Tmall – "double eleven" advertising. Careful observation is not difficult to find some interesting phenomena, put in place, the subway, bus station advertising is adjacent, even in Dongdan and Jianguomen subway transfer channel appeared "left Tmall, right hand Jingdong" phenomenon, in which consumers can easily feel both tense sense of competition in the delivery; in time, both in the CCTV prime time on the huge amount of advertising, and advertising time adjacent.

behind this, it is Tmall, Jingdong on both sides of the creative mode of marketing competition. Let this competition is more specific, from the promotional content, we can see Tmall’s "50 percent off buy, only this one day", "good stuff is the subway ads to" and "a few days will be cheaper" video advertising, and the Jingdong is played not only cheap fast, good "banner, propaganda from the advertisement to the video, focusing on the advantages of fast, watch Tmall weakness, bite the weaknesses of Tmall to give head.


of calculating logistics experience war, consumers do not know the running

Ali CMO Wang Shuai micro-blog hinted that this year Tmall double eleven may be far more than in previous years, worried about the logistics can not keep up, what seems to be a worry, but show off the ingredients, the implication is the Tmall platform influence. And when Ali complacent, Jingdong launched an interesting plan, open >