2013 department store home consumption and the transformation of the electricity supplier dispute ev

today is the sixth day of the lunar new year, believe to go to department store is still a lot of people. During the Spring Festival, I visited Qingdao several department stores, department stores to shopping or more special, what to buy goods are lined up, and in the new year period, the electricity supplier and quietly go to behind the scenes, playing the "is the beginning of the seven month business" sign. For department stores, it is nothing more than a holiday when the new year to make money, weekdays sales are not easy to say.

so, for the department store, the total will not wait for the new year every year when the lead consumption, relying solely on holiday consumption for department stores, the pressure is relatively large. Sun Chen believes that if the department store has to stay, not to think of other sales channels, and the electricity supplier dispute has obviously the victory and defeat. So, how to make the department stores and electricity supplier dispute to reap the benefits of


a, department stores to clear their own shortcomings, and actively think of ways to supplement.

believe friends walking around the department store is less and less, and the electricity supplier for more and more friends, mainly because everyone more home, love to buy things on the Internet, you can easily do not need to go out. So, this is the biggest department store, because their service is not in place, can consider whether to open up the electricity supplier industry, in fact, this is a relatively good way, such as suning.com and Suning store the difference is enough to see it.

two, reduce costs, the real discount will have users.

general department store during the Chinese new year will have activities, such as full 200 minus 100, full of 299 to send the like, but the activity, but still not the lowest price feedback to the public. Yesterday was Valentine’s day, I went to a Qingdao one hundred shopping mall about a winter coat, but obviously, many brands have listed the spring or winter, but for no price, or price. If this is the electricity supplier, I believe we all know, there will be a big discount electricity supplier, it is not difficult to see from this problem, the difference between department stores and electricity providers in the end where.

three, do not simply profit for consumption.

is not only the department store said, it is not difficult to see that the development of many industries are very single, basically is to own the development of the industry, although this can achieve excellence, but more is too narrow. Because, when you are limited to the development of an industry, it is difficult to progress in a marketing model. So, department stores want to develop not only for consumption and profit.

four, change the sales model, department store transformation house consumption".

for department stores, if the simple use of the store to make money, I believe it is very difficult to go. Because of the entity shop marketing is the problem is: 1, the cost of the store, which is to be considered, the cost is very high; the 2, the limitations of the store, because there is not so much suitable