The Best Remixes of Bad Comic Strips

first_imgStay on target 3eanutsPeanuts isn’t a bad comic strip. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the gang became beloved parts of culture thanks to Charles M. Schulz’s pleasant but deceptively psychological take on childhood. However, if you simply remove the final panel of many Peanuts strips, the remaining three form vignettes way more depressing and philosophically mind-blowing. Don’t believe me? Check out 3eanuts. Newspaper comic strips play a vital role in comics history. As part of the newspapers millions of people (used to) read every day, they exposed comics to a huge audience. And while four panels in the funny pages may not have the deep and moving stories of serialized comics, they can still convey profound messages while giving you a quick laugh. Whether it’s the searing politics of The Boondocks or everyone’s favorite “Ack” shouting housewife Cathy, comic strips can be really cool.Comic strips can also be incredibly dumb, painfully archaic things with “jokes” more toothless than the super-centenarians they’re trying to court. Even when you consider the shrinking, aging audience of print newspapers, it’s hard to imagine who could possibly enjoy some of stuff that makes its way into the comics section today.Fortunately, thanks to the crazy gutter that is the internet, bad comic strips can find new life and worth through absurd remixes. Web comics already do a great job using the freedom of the internet to explore the comic strip form. We’ve already told you about the beautiful horrors that spring forth from the Arthur comics creator. So injecting that craziness back into old, bad newspaper comic strips feels like everything coming full circle. Here are the best remixes of bad comic strips.MRA DilbertDilbert is a fairly innocuous comic strip about the everyday absurdity of cubicle office life. Dilbert’s creator Scott Adams has some… not innocuous views on politics and culture and gender roles you can read in some very public quotes. MRA Dilbert combines the man’s art and his words into one unfettered look into his soul. Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? Garfield Minus GarfieldGarfield, like Peanuts, isn’t a bad comic strip. However, Garfield Minus Garfield, like 3eanuts, presents the profound and radical shift in tone that occurs after making one simple change to each strip. Removing Garfield from Garfield strips shows the sad devolution of Jon Arbuckle, a broken man talking to thin air where a lasagna-loving cat should be. It’s art. Marmaduke ExplainedMarmaduke is a comic strip about a big dog. Every strip hinges on the fact that the dog is big. Not even comically big, just normal big dog big. At least Scooby-Doo talks. Marmaduke Explained, Joe Mathlete’s matter-of-fact explanations of these comics that allude toward jokes but never make them, is spectacular anti-comedy. Bonus: GarfemonGarfemon isn’t a comic strip, but it is one of the best Garfield remixes you’ll ever see. Have you ever imagined what Garfield would look like if he was each monster that made up the original 150 Pokemon? No? Well, let Shawn Bowers show you! You’ll hate your new mutant orange cat nightmares just as much as Mondays.last_img