11 Musicians Wed Actually Like To See On Game Of Thrones

first_imgStay on target ‘Game of Thrones’ Targaryen Prequel Series Is Reportedly Coming to HBO‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Joins Marvel’s &#… No matter what your opinions on the 7th season premiere of Game of Thrones, people are almost entirely united on one thing: what the hell was Ed Sheeran doing in Westeros? The ginger Brit pop star’s cameo appearance as a soldier who sings a little tune for Arya Stark was universally panned as a weird publicity stunt that made absolutely no sense for the most popular show on TV.But you know what? We believe there’s a way to make anything work, even musician cameos on sexy, violent fantasy TV series. Plenty of rock stars have crossed over into acting with fine results, like Iggy Pop on Deep Space Nine and Justin Timberlake going from boy band stardom to Southland Tales.If Game of Thrones is going to pull this kind of thing again, here’s a list of eleven musicians that we think could fit right in.Die Antwoordvia Wikimedia Commons/Greg LawlerSouth African rappers Die Antwoord are notorious for their outrageous appearance, and Yo-Landi and Ninja would fit right in with the Brave Companions, the ragtag group of mercenaries that Tywin sets loose on the countryside. Composed of the nastiest scum from all over the world, the membership constantly fluctuates. The showrunners wouldn’t even have to give them dialogue, just throw them in front of somebody’s sword and let the fun begin. Actually, please don’t let them sing or rap or even open their mouths. Treat them like they won a contest or something.Glenn Danzigvia Wikimedia Commons/Andreas LindmarkLodi, New Jersey’s favorite son, Glenn Danzig has been mixing horror and punk since the days of the Misfits. He’s one of rock & roll’s most notorious fantasy fans, cribbing a Michael Golden illustration from Marvel Comics for his self-titled band and publishing his own line of sexy, gory funnybooks himself. Danzig’s acting career has seen him take a few roles, notably as an angel in The Prophecy II and on an episode of Portlandia. He’d be great in a one-off role as somebody’s morbidly violent henchman who gets to swing a sword a few times before being decapitated.Kate Bushvia Wikimedia Commons/Philip ChappellEnglish singer-songwriter Kate Bush is wildly influential but never got the commercial success she deserved on this side of the Atlantic. Her vibe is very well suited to Game of Thrones, which revels in strong female characters with a touch of mysticism. After over fifteen years out of the public eye, Bush roared back into our hearts with 2005’s Aerial album and has been producing vital, intelligent music ever since. A guest spot on Game of Thrones would be perfect for her career’s second act. She did a little acting in the 1990s but her talents have yet to be tapped.Krist Novoselicvia commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:JmabelSize matters in the Seven Kingdoms (with the notable exception of Tyrion Lannister), and big gents have been wreaking havoc on Game of Thrones for a while. If they producers wanted to cast a musician who can go toe-to-toe with the mastodons, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is the man for the job. Measuring a mighty 6’7″ in his stocking feet, the musician’s current project is called Giants in the Trees, a very George R. R. Martin name if we’ve ever heard one. Most of his time is spent on political activism in recent years, but who knows? Maybe he’d deign to stop into Westeros for a spell.Mortiisvia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:MorwenNorwegian metal musician Håvard Ellefsen, better known as Mortiis, wouldn’t even have to go through makeup to play a character on Game of Thrones. His performance gimmick for the past few decades has been to rock out with a prosthetic mask and ears that give him the visage of a troll-like creature. He and his band often dust themselves with flour before taking the stage to make them look like they’ve just crawled to the surface from a deep cave in the earth. In recent years he’s dialed back on the theatricality, but we’re sure that for exposure on this level he’d go back to it.Ras Kassvia youtube.com/channel/RasKassThere are lots of rappers who dig Game of Thrones, but only one recorded a whole hip-hop recap of Season 6. Los Angeles MC Ras Kass dropped his track for the AV Club in May, and it’s proof that he’s as down with the franchise as anybody. While we’re not arguing for a break in immersion so that he can bring us up to speed on the show’s approximately eleven million characters, the MC’s powerful flow could be brought to bear in-universe in some cool way. It would also help resolve some of the show’s much-commented on diversity issues.Weird Al Yankovicvia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyle_CassidyYes, we realize this is a bit of a stretch. But if there’s one thing that we know about Weird Al Yankovic is that he’s a master chameleon, able to adapt to virtually any genre or style. We’re not recommending that he perform a wacky parody or anything. In fact, it’d probably be a lot funnier if they just cast him totally straight-faced as just another face in the crowd instead of like a jester or something. Sure, nearly all of his past acting experience has been in comedies, but Al is 57 years old now and is probably looking for a challenge.Rihannavia flickr.com/photos/dodnewsfeatures/15207242834If you’ve seen Valerian, you know that Rihanna was one of the best things about that gorgeous but pretty incoherent flick. Ms. Fenty has expressed an interest in moving into acting, and her exotic appearance would be great for a role on Game of Thrones, where characters come from all over the world to kill each other and show their boobs. We’re not 100% sure what character would be best for her talents, but she can pull off pretty much everything from doe-eyed ingenue to badass warrior without breaking a sweat.Luc Lemayvia Rubén G. Herrera –flickr.com/photos/darkmomo/13996009256We’re going to throw in at least one dude that you might not have heard of, just to keep things interesting and so you can learn something new, dear reader. Luc Lemay is the lead singer and guitarist of Gorguts, the Canadian death metal group notorious for pushing the envelope in technical prowess. One of his recent projects is Pleiades’ Dust, a 33-minute track about a long-demolished Iraqi library from the 9th century. So the guy is a nerd who knows how to stretch things out – perfect for Game of Thrones. Cast him as a librarian and let Lemay do what he does best.Action Bronsonvia flickr.com/photos/coupdoreille/9342519753Of all the rappers who would have a good time in medieval times, Action Bronson definitely seems like he’d top the list. The rotund MC and former chef weighs in at over three bills due in no small part to his love of eating, and his massive, unkempt beard would make him fit right in. While we don’t think George R. R. Martin has written a rap into any of the books, Bronson could certainly deliver some kind of heavy diss that just happened to rhyme if the need was felt. Or he could just eat a whole turkey leg in front of the camera and call it a day. It’s win-win.Diamanda Galásvia Andy Newcombe – flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2343508277If you’re going to cast somebody on your TV show because of their voice, why not use somebody with one of the most powerful and disturbing voices in the world? Diamanda Galás has blown minds for decades with her powerful soprano, which she puts to the service of dark and complex topics in collaboration with artists as varied as Erasure and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. In film, she worked on 2013 horror flick The Conjuring, providing composition and vocal performances. She’s a striking figure that could bring something no other guest has to the world of Game of Thrones.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img