Not spending money on that group purchase website tries to push a full refund


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industry: not consumption ratio was exaggerated four times

recently, domestic group purchase group purchase website traced to 40% users for a variety of reasons ", but did not pay for consumption" group purchase website without a refund, the "expired" group purchase group purchase website become universal money "unspoken rule", but the truth is? Survey data show that users "not far from the proportion of consumption" so exaggerated, but has warned group purchase website to carry out "early warning" business adjustment.

controversial 40% hidden rules

recently, there are buy site self exposure, most users do not buy in a timely manner after the purchase, unknowingly expired, this part of the money will be included in the site to buy their own pockets, the proportion of up to 40%. "40% no money consumption" has become a "unspoken rule" caused an uproar in the industry.

From October 26th

, the independent group purchase navigation site 800 in the official forum and micro-blog launched this investigation: "if you have not used the group purchase coupons expire? Whether to postpone the group purchase website?" to participate in the investigation and expressly participated in group purchase of the users, 33% users reflect encountered "expired" the phenomenon, little difference appears to be related to the previously exposed the insider.

However, the

industry to reporters calculate a bill is quite interesting: the first half of the number of consumers to group purchase is often more than a common 4-5, 33% had "expired" people, most of them are met 1 times "expired", if calculated according to the number of "non consumption" proportion. The conclusion is somewhat exaggerated.

more "feel weak" group purchase website said did not set up a consumer trap, "any consumer industry will have similar promotions, universal time limit, users forget, can only say sorry". 800 responsible people believe that in fact users will not only forget to consumer group purchase coupons, group purchase website even forget yourself in what many sites to buy group purchase group purchase coupons, "daily from consumers requesting help check of letters there are dozens of letters".

before the consumer does not buy a network approach

"sorry" exist, but can be saved in this emerging e-commerce group purchase mode innovation? In the survey, have encountered the group purchase coupons "expired" users, only 10% users choose and group purchase website coordination to solve this problem, most users choose to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Insiders pointed out that the lack of impulse consumption and rights awareness is currently the two most common problem in the group of users.

at the same time, the group also launched a 800 to buy the site’s internal industry survey. In the investigation of the group buying site, more than 30% of the "expired" problem has been dealt with in advance. The public comment group will be in the expired before the message to remind consumers; and handle network, F group >