How to identify the credibility of online advertising alliance

Now many of the union are liars, but I have to see several people at the union, then found that many people call the whole alliance website is done very simple, and can not see from A to Z which company is established, and some even did not dare to leave a phone number and address a. This alliance, it is easy to make people afraid. How to look on the surface is not a good reputation of the network advertising alliance?

1, online advertising alliance official website to have detailed company profile. Be sure to bring the company business license, or not good is a bag company, ran no place to find someone to ask for money.

2, best to be with ICP certificate, because did not have the strength of the company is out of reach, and the company would like to conduct online business, no ICP certificate, as long as the unlucky to be prosecuted, the company will immediately stop online business.

3, see the

Click on the statistics of 4, online advertising alliance