Ask electricity supplier price war is day or

price war can be said to be now the business enterprise through market channels, attract users attention to the most direct method is the most efficient, as the year of the Jingdong, is relying on low-cost and regular price to occupy a space for one person in the Chinese massacre, the electricity supplier industry. It can be said that the success of Jingdong is a successful example of price war in china. With the Jingdong model mature, many well-known domestic enterprises have begun to follow, whether it is the traditional channels of Shang Suning, the United States still, all the bright younger generation Newegg easion, seems to be the price war as a necessary tool to enter the market, seemingly the only way to show their own electricity supplier label. However, at that time the price war is just the rise of the effect is really good, take the time and the price of Suning Jingdong PK, then directly caused a degree of concern to the business of buying boom, when the two eleven promotions. But since then the price war gold is not as good as once, not only played a word game, there is no way to control the quality, the problem is one after another. Facing the market heat as a business enterprise, they do not seem to care, but follow the prescribed order of price war, whether it is their own funds or not, or the market reaction, the price war seems to be a must fight a battle, but the electricity supplier price war must be really necessary?

can be said to a serious violation of a market environment. First of all, the price war in those who appear to be about to go bankrupt, or companies face the need to change the price. The following is in the normal sales environment, facing the suffering of the off-season, the electricity supplier companies to launch a number of small short-term promotions are acceptable, so it can stimulate the market consumption. This normal short price war should be required to sell electricity, but if only to reposition the market share, in order not to give the opponent the chance and price of the tug of war, it will eventually own down, enterprises will be deeper, and inextricably bogged down in. So that the long-term price war to fight to win or die "forage", the need for adequate supply, is the money problem, because once the enterprise can not blindly cut prices, selling at a loss, how to solve this problem is the key, no matter what enterprise is to be profitable, once the capital chain is broken will lose face the situation, this is a signal of danger, rational face of the market price war, find out the reason is the key, otherwise it will violate the principle of market.

        secondly, the brand value of the enterprise will be weakened to a great extent. Sometimes as long as the appliance drain open price war, there will be a get out of hand, we have the price, some is to follow, some forced, in the quiet market will be broken, the consumers do not necessarily buy it, but will have doubts, the enterprise can be difficult to turn. An enterprise hard to build up the brand and reputation, may be criticized or questioned, reputation will be frustrated, and even affect the future development. Or the price of a word, "