Business awarding points are different suning com is referred to as chicken ribs

now, many business platform and shopping guide platform will be presented in integral shopping, evaluation, registration, but also to achieve the integral launch points mall shopping raffle. So, the value of these points mall in the end is not worth a stroll around the consumer


Mall: "618" and "double 11" have a big

as a leader in the domestic electricity supplier platform, Jingdong mall shopping points are known as Beijing beans, through the shopping platform on the Jingdong, evaluation, sign can get Beijing beans. However, it should be noted that, although the beans can be deducted when shopping in a single cash, but from the perspective of monetary value, 1 Beijing beans equivalent to only RMB 1 cents. And the use of the order to pay the Beijing beans, and shall not exceed 50% of the amount of each order settlement. That is, the order of 100 yuan, up to only use the 5000 Beijing beans. It is only from the perspective of monetary value, Beijing beans seems not essential.

As for the Jingdong

integration mall platform, is the best platform for Beijing beans, this integral mall is divided into Beijing beans for God, special offer coupons, membership discount purchase, Beijing beans beans, Le privilege boutique sinks the 5 channels. Among them, the Beijing beans for God ticket channel, in the non promotional season and not too much to see, the general can only redeem the third party store coupons or proprietary platform for the full range of specific coupons. But during the "618 anniversary" or "double 11" this crazy promotion season, this channel has become the absolute focus. Just in the past, the double 11, the Beijing beans can be exchanged for a variety of full God coupons, including both Jingdong proprietary platform, including third party stores. Such as self owned books audio and video 200 minus $100, the value of the coupon, a reasonable copy of a single equivalent to half the price of the purchase of books, audio and video, can be called full of God coupons 50 percent off. As for the "Beijing beans preferential purchase channel is called the integral mall among chicken ribs. Here in the 2 air conditioning Kelon KFR-50LW/EFQSA3z Jingdong as an example, the price of up to 6499 yuan, but after using 100 Beijing beans but can enjoy the preferential price of 4788 yuan, on the surface or very good value. But at the same time the United States online platform, with the price of the same type of air conditioning is only 4599 yuan, not only cheap nearly $200, but also do not waste the 100 Beijing beans, more value.

The last thing

has to say is the "privilege boutique exchange" channel, which typically offers coupon exchange activities on a collaborative platform. 10 Beijing beans exchange owners worry free 100 yuan of illegal vouchers, 10 Beijing beans for refueling treasure 160 yuan refueling full cut coupons, fly off the teahouse 100 meters fly at 106 Jingdong Beijing beans are such cooperation platform for exchange activities.

: points mall is chicken ribs

The store started

as a business platform, shopping integral is called "cloud drilling", and the same is obtained through shopping, evaluation, sign in these three ways. Compared with the Jingdong from the mall, monetary value, 1 cloud drilling only equivalent to RMB 1 cents, is also a kind of "not essential.