Multiple luxury brands stationed in the domestic electricity supplier platform discount as low as ha

many luxury brands have different degrees of discount.

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Sale Inside clothing department store recently entered the summer discount season, many luxury brands have begun a low-key discount.

yesterday, Master Miss Chen told reporters excitedly, Taikoo Hui many luxury brands are on sale, "a portion of the goods 30 percent off Ferragamo counter, I saw in Hongkong at the time of a purse, the price is quite here after thirty percent off, was almost another."

reporter visited found that in Taikoo Hui, not only including COACH, Ferragamo brand, BALLY and other brands have different levels of discount.

text / reporter Zhou Hui

luxury brand discount season low-key now five to thirty percent off is no longer a new thing." Yesterday, industry experts admitted to reporters, with the gradual expansion of luxury brands in China’s retail market, a number of brands began to adjust the global market strategy, some brands are in the country to go online sales. But experts said, "whether it is online has just moved to the closed shop a disguised drop worth."


COACH North America will close 70 stores

recently, the news continued to decline in the performance of the U.S. brand COACH began a global channel restructuring. According to reports, COACH recently announced the implementation of the transition plan, the restructuring of the global network of stores will close 70 stores in North America, while warning as of end of June next year fiscal revenue will be reached double-digit decline.

results, as of the first quarter of March 29th this year, North America, same store sales fell 21%, is the fourth consecutive quarter of decline and forecast of fiscal year ended in June this year, North America same store sales or business 1 years of double-digit sales will decline. To the end of June last year, COACH had 351 stores in North America, the field has 193, the North American market accounted for 70% of group revenues.

previously, analysis of senior consumer industry brand, their problem is their outlets smashed brand. Some analysts said that in addition to channel construction problems, the brand is now facing one of the problems is that the original brand positioning and market positioning between the current market structure.

recently, with COACH in North America 70 stores corresponding to Louis Weedon’s largest store in China debut in Chengdu, the business area of 2600 square meters. Insiders pointed out that this is undoubtedly more proof of the luxury brands to accelerate the pace of expansion of the two or three line of the city, the siege of the mainland market strategy."

phenomenon two:

luxury brands stationed in electronic business platform

online shopping gives people the impression that often discount and sell cheap place, but many luxury brands began to go online for brand promotion and product sales.