Raspberry Pi NES console is better than Nintendos Classic Mini

first_imgThe Nintendo Classic Mini will be released this fall and comes preloaded with 30 old-school Nintendo Entertainment System titles. While this is great news for anyone that is into classic gaming, the game count of this mini system is admittedly on the small side, especially considering how large the NES library is. The official mini Nintendo wasn’t good enough for one man who took it upon himself to create something better from scratch.A creator by the name of Daft Mike used a Raspberry Pi computer and a 3D printer to make his own fully functional mini NES. Unlike the Classic Mini, this mini NES’ cartridge slot actually opens. It even has a pair of mini NES controllers. In the video below, Daft Mike explains how he created this ingenious little console.The console itself is unable to play games off the mini cartridges since they don’t actually have anything on them. The cartridges have an NFC tag on them. When they are inserted into the system, the mini NES reads the tag, and if the game is stored in the Raspberry Pi’s memory, it will boot it up. The cartridges don’t have to be married to a specific game either. New tags can be written on the cartridges to have them boot up different games — even ones that weren’t on the NES.Seeing this user-created console sort of makes the official a little disappointing in comparison. If you have the means and the technical know-how to create your own Raspberry Pi powered, 3D printed mini Nintendo, why not give it a shot? Follow this link to see a more in-depth look at how this mini Nintendo was made. Game & Watch TiiVii1/19Wearables are the next big thing. That is, if you ignore virtual reality, augmented reality, and literally everything else that is more interesting than wearables. Which means the Nintendo NX is surely a wearable watch screen with a stylus that unwraps into a TV controller.Photo Credit: Neogaf.<><>last_img