Micro fun community economy one is the true love of people and goods

believe it or not, Chinese have entered the middle class mainstream society, regardless of whether the wallet is full, at least the young consumer has reached this level, more and more young people to choose their own style, you will see the tattoo more and more young people, more and more spiritual consumption Totem will appear. As they do that is really taking the micro community electricity supplier.

The current boom in mobile

dividend period, micro business is WeChat’s circle of friends as a platform provider of mobile community attributes form the basis of formation, has experienced more than two years of barbaric growth, gradually entered a reshuffle and remodeling stage, the micro electricity supplier scoffed, also have to make a fetish of the micro electricity supplier at this time, as the old electricity supplier, it is necessary to help us sort out what, see the future.

barbaric growth period

WeChat WeChat group even a circle of friends, WeChat products give people a mass marketing opportunities, although most people use pure products, and those businessmen began to ponder how to use these features to make money, and began taking various sects have micro power.

micro business with early users of mobile providers of excitement and curiosity of development, because of Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, several major electricity supplier platform behind WeChat in the mobile terminal, the circle of friends and become mobile providers, micro business early a lot is a simple model of direct direct payment plus friends, are friends as the basis of credit, consumers often do not care much about a few dollars cheaper Huogui a few dollars, so the early micro electricity supplier with a friend’s face and rapid growth, and by adding WeChat private chat and so on to establish customer relationship management simply by WeChat.

the next thing, it might seem crazy, pure business people on stage, they not only sell, also with the marketing mechanism of the development of the assembly line, a full circle of friends are selling the mask, is said to have a lot of people earn a lot of money, the last line in MLM or direct sales mainly for the domestic in the elderly population, now acquaintances social networking platform WeChat build a circle of friends but let the popularity of online direct marketing.

some of the early micro business is indeed native, in this part of the seller but was soon flooded out, micro crazy into online MLM or online marketing world, really good products businesses but did not enter this field so fast, it’s like 2003-2005 promotion alliance, founded just like after Taobao, the first to enter a number of smart people to seize the business opportunities in this part of the early.

barbaric growth, the result is the micro electricity supplier, WeChat users into advertising team, brought a lot of harassment in the circle of friends, my approach is to shield them, one of my high school good sister all day in the circle of friends to send what, I couldn’t bear it not only let her in my circle of friends. However, the use of rules of many white users not too serious products, many people do not know how to block ads spammer, so it can only delete friends >