Electricity supplier to taly’s cross border logistics season is blocked

news August 29th, billion state power network that due to local Italy days before strong earthquake, Italy sent to the cross-border electricity supplier parcel delivery or will suffer serious delays, some local areas have also been suspended for mail delivery service.

It is reported that the earthquake occurred at the junction of

, in central Italy, Lazio, Umbria and Marche area, 170 km from Rome, from the 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila but 100 km.

actually, billion state power network has learned, the peak of the Italian online shopping in the fourth quarter of May, and September. For the September Italy promotional season has long been ready to export electricity supplier sellers, or to pay attention to the entire cross-border logistics as well as a good judge of the volume of goods for the event.

according to foreign trade business platform Dunhuang network data, in 2014, Italy e-commerce scale has reached 24 billion 200 million euros, an increase of up to 8%. At present, Italy has 41 million 700 thousand Internet users, accounting for 60%.

among them, the Italy online shopping crowd in the age of 18-44 years old, 55.4% for men, 44.6% for women. Most of these groups shopping time for 21 points -23 points a day. Therefore, the mobile terminal has become one of the main means of the Italian online shopping, according to research data, and now, there are mobile end shopping habits of the proportion of online shoppers in Italy has more than 40%.