How to transform the rural electricity supplier Ali said Sun Lijun vice president

sina science and technology news October 29th evening news, the fourth session of the China Taobao Forum opened today. Sun Lijun, vice president of Alibaba group, general manager of the Ministry of agriculture, Ali attended the meeting, and shared his understanding of rural electricity supplier strategy.

What is the difference between Taobao and Taobao in the rural village of

? Sun Lijun believes that Taobao is the product of the Internet plus rural village era, need a variety of facilities, so the general was born in a coastal city rather than the central and western regions; and the village of Amoy infrastructure, but also the future trend and the main agricultural village. Both paths are different, but the core purpose is to realize the digitization and modernization of rural economy.

Taobao village has changed the past rural areas to help farmers get rich. The village Amoy, the more important thing is to help rural really grow their own Internet genes."

in sun Lijun seems to change the rural areas mainly in three aspects. The first is to build the Internet infrastructure, including Internet awareness, broadband construction and social logistics construction; second is to open up the flow of information channels, so that rural information resources come out to solve the asymmetric information problem; finally is to cultivate professional talents, make young people more back home construction, and deeply rooted in the countryside. This is the core of rural electricity supplier. (Zhang Jun)

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distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, media friends, Hello, everyone!

today to tell you about Ali’s rural strategy. In 2014, we released the world’s three largest strategy for the whole group, the country has become one of the top three strategies. A lot of people are asking me, what is the difference between rural Taobao and Taobao village. I said Taobao village the most simple generalization is the development of today’s Internet industry, today the formation of Internet plus rural lighthouse project. A lot of people are envious, saw the emergence of a large number of Taobao village in the past three years, the year before last is the village of Taobao, last year is the 800 Taobao village, this year is the more than 1 thousand Taobao village, which is quite amazing.

we are thinking how to find out the level of rural electricity providers like this, a lot of people say that the Internet is Internet Plus + rural countryside, I do not think it should be the Internet "+" in the countryside, but how to find out the Internet in rural areas above genes, this is our common thinking, brewing, the direction of the efforts of today. For us, I think we need to think about what the countryside needs.

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exchange in each province, is the largest share of the "triple play" theory in the future, how to give birth to more Taobao village, what is his basis, why Taobao village is not born in the Midwest, but was born in the coastal city? Taobao village not crashed, nor I want Taobao village achievement Taobao Taobao village village, need a variety of accessories, all kinds of people to get this product.

for us Taobao village is a synonym for Taobao Village