From trade information platform to online trading market

lasted nearly ten years, China’s B2B e-commerce began to show a diversified development trend, of which the most noteworthy is the traditional trade information platform to the online trading market of historical change. In fact, online trading market is not a new concept, there have been many cases of mature, mainly in spot trading and futures trading platform mainly domestic industry. With the maturation of e-commerce environment problems and new changes in the traditional B2B exposed the advantage has been more and more obvious, also began to appear in some foreign trade online trading market, traditional B2B giant also began to gradually open the trading function.

personally believe that the current Chinese B2B new changes will present the following important trends:

from trade information platform to online trading market development

from the external platform to the internal platform development

develops from simple transactions to complex transactions

develops from the comprehensive trading market to the trade market

from the regional market to the national market development

more and more new business model will gradually appear in front of us, B2B achieve diversified development, is a harbinger of prosperity. The information level of the enterprise will also be gradually improved along with the promotion of e-commerce websites and e-commerce application technology service providers, and the open and open trading platform will improve the efficiency and reduce the intermediate links. "B2B" this simple inter enterprise e-commerce refers to nouns, more and more deviated from its literal meaning, began to become complex. The characteristics of China’s regional industrial clusters make the regional trading market more and more obvious, and the natural advantage of the upstream and downstream industry chain will also have a huge market space.

traditional model to further suppress the limited profit margins

The core value of

e-commerce should be to improve the profit space by reducing the intermediate links. The traditional mode through the charge to the seller, while buyers to wanton publicity low-priced purchase, batch inquiry, did not actually optimize trading links, but the use of information asymmetry between buyers and sellers to profit. China manufacturing industry in the past more than and 10 years the world factory gradually moved to China, but also make their own profit level dropped to the bottom, while the traditional B2B model to some extent further suppress the enterprise Limited profit space.

industry website to online trading platform development will usher in a huge market space

industry has been hovering in the "member + advertisement" mode in the comprehensive comparison of the number of B2B mass of small and medium-sized enterprises of member enterprises in the industry, the limited number of the doomed this traditional model is difficult to have a larger space for development. When the industry began to develop online trading platform, the market space is instantly enlarged. Transaction costs arising from the huge transaction costs are staggering, and the industry will have both the transaction tools and marketing tools dual identity, to bring real value to the actual effect. By optimizing Trading