My trademark investment memories

When the

in 2005, the domestic CN domain name has a big price, from more than and 100 yuan a drop to 30 yuan a, I once in a hundred million net registered domain name, want to make a fortune, but very disappointed, I think some very valuable rice but not what people interested. Looking at the hands of such meters, always feel the time special fast renewal time is always so soon. My heart feels very upset, I am not rich, a rice cook is ten years but the things I don’t, maybe not to give the first aid meters, burn yourself.

This time

happened to see an article in the online trademark investment, said trademark investment good luck out for hundreds of thousands of millions are possible, so I had this idea. So began the registered trademark, because I am quite familiar to the network, so the network is registered trademark of the company, for example, that time I just want to put the word blog registered as a trademark, but others do not register. As a result, I registered all of the junk label, now recall is rubbish, but was thought to be a treasure.

so I spent ten thousand to get rid of the trademark of the 5: good hao123 and the other 2 very rubbish I do not mention. These are now a registered trademark did not officially take down, Baidu estimates are responsible for intellectual property department, I go up soon after they had raised objections, as I’m sure but they engage in individual large companies, so the 2 mark no hope, I have given up for arbitration with them. Accident is that I registered the LOGO trademark in 2007 when someone came to Beijing, and asked me how much money is willing to transfer, this time the trademark is actually not completely down. I don’t know who is to buy, but the company said the trademark is a registered capital of 100 thousand Beijing small company, I began to prepare a bid of 100 thousand, but the feeling is too greedy, if they don’t, then I’m not what not to say, so a price of 30 thousand, the result is very readily promised each other.

the result of my trademark Investment: Investment ten thousand, sell one, for a 20 thousand, but this success is purely accidental and accidental. Trademark investment is greater than the risk of domain name investment, because the cost of trademark registration is expensive, long cycle. So now I do not invest in the domain name and trademark investment, and that is not able to play the wage earners, it is rich in money and intelligence game.

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