The present situation and existing problems of electronic commerce

now that the community needs to be complex talent, and e-commerce is just looking to meet this requirement, you see and learn the computer, but also learn the economy, but also to learn the law, as well as accounting… I can’t take the place of all the majors. At that time, the beginning of the school e-commerce classes in the same class is the most. The electronic business class students score higher than other majors, since that is also a good choice. But after a few years of learning, I know what I really learned – that is to say that all understand, do not.

according to the normal principle, the rapid development of an industry, will bring a lot of jobs, the fact is true. E-commerce field of recruitment climax. The development of network and electronic commerce has provided a large number of jobs for the society, some of which come from the new network enterprises, some of which come from traditional industries. This momentum of development, there is no sign of stopping, which is bound to lead to sustained demand for talent. From this point of view, e-commerce related talent market prospects bright. We see in real life is the rapid demand for electronic commerce talents and the market growth correspondingly, electronic commerce is less than 20% of the employment rate of graduates, even the graduates to go when the porter. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the electronic commerce employment rate of only 20%, the talent of electronic commerce enterprise has the desire to experience, but because the school funds and hardware equipment for graduates to provide real reason to practice platform. To this end, these are only theoretical knowledge, the lack of practical experience of e-commerce graduates, was shut out of the electricity supplier companies.

see these data, against their own professional, can not help but sigh. Is this the development of e-commerce brings the benefits of Higher Education: to adapt to the mainstream, the blind set up N courses, and in the end a technology or knowledge are not taught to students. Now some students around, there is no way to scalp and marketing professionals to grab jobs, as well as into the factory, the woman went to the current station, customer service, clerks. Others are still at home and feel like they’re going to learn something. This is not only a class, a school, but also the entire e-commerce professional graduates are facing problems. In fact, the e-commerce is really very good professional, Alibaba’s listing, Taobao WAL-MART more than a year turnover, all these points. Then the problem is in the "e-commerce" professional training mode. A lot of problems in the professional education of electronic commerce have cast a shadow on "bright", and it is time for us to thoroughly reflect on the "professional education of electronic commerce".

In fact,

is a professional electronic commerce should be the best professional employment, can be involved in the technology class, such as art, programming and so on; can also be a documentary management, logistics and transport in the report can be more overall, online trading, online sales and so on, and why I did not find a decent job it. Students do not work on the one hand, and the larger reason is the author summarizes the following points.