Detailed personal the sad memories

network in the world, is so colorful, so fresh, bring us a lot of knowledge to enrich our life, because of this, so there are a lot of small and medium-sized websites emerged, so in our 360 line more out of the owners of this occupation, I also make a lot of grassroots webmaster the.

webmaster of the occupation, for many people is still very strange, in the eyes of outsiders seems full of mystery, a high-tech color, in fact people know their own jobs, establishment and operations those sad things, only you can understand.

me, from the station to unsuspectingly interested, until today a webmaster experience, those miserable things experienced people are always sad, so sad is that no one can understand, in my circle of friends always thought that my work is very comfortable, very relaxed as long as every day, sitting in front of the computer, the operation of a few, a cup of tea for it, but they don’t know we all update a website, the day also Qiangdajingshen to deal with things that day tired!

of course, I say we can only represent these small roots, those sites, large team, may have their own organizations, have their own employees, so as long as a good grasp of the direction of a large enough, we like what things need to be witnessed by

!In 2011 June,

finally decided to register a domain name, build a website, friends registered a network domain name, the first miserable events, brain fever time domain name registration, fill out all of the domain name for my English name, then binding domain, micro-blog certified all because all of the domain name and Id be so ready to click, and the establishment of the first friends a reminder, the time domain name registration must use their ID card to register, not convenience, choose what English names or nicknames, Chinese part with his name, English part pinyin.


event, miserable second cheaper, built a NET station with DVBBS in our friends in Japan on the server, because the first time do not know when the landscaping and optimization, even SEO is what do not understand, only know that Baidu and Google are included on the OK, and I also spent 200 yuan to buy back a template, seemingly did not use it on, and later spent 180 to buy a collector, behind the seemingly useless! This is not the most miserable, the most miserable is the site for more than 2 months after a bit of traffic and popularity, suddenly want to do Baidu union advertising, the wood has the record, not through the audit, well, I put the wood filing website to move back home to do the record, so miserable, the site moved back and do not know how to transform the data, resulting in loss of all data, and then use DZ to build Station, so that all the re included Baidu, equal to the first two months of effort in vain. So here to remind us the same grassroots, do not figure cheap, make a very garbage space, the choice of space must be stable >