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Changjiang business daily news that the product packaging is still not correct sales mark, was sentenced to jointly and severally liable to compensate consumers

newspaper news (reporter Li Jing correspondent Wang Tiantian) discomfort due to the use of "" on the 38 yuan to buy the cleaning cotton, manufacturers and consumers will be on the court website. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wuhan intermediate people’s court, the so-called manufacturers actually dealers, fraud consumer behavior, the two defendants were sentenced to refund and joint compensation of $500.

April 2014, Lee in the "" website to buy a piece of "magic castle Green Tea konjac bath cleaning cotton", the price of 38 yuan. However, after the use, she felt the skin discomfort, cleaning is not thorough enough, and website publicity, whitening, anti-oxidation, deep cleaning and other serious discrepancies. Asked several times to return unsuccessful, Lee felt the damage to the legitimate rights and interests, the prosecution to the court, requesting a judgment of "cleaning cotton producer Wuhan veisa pyrpyr Cosmetics Co. Ltd. and website operation platform of Beijing Rui culture media limited return purchases and compensate for the losses, such as an apology.


trial, Lee pointed out that marked cleansing cotton on the packaging manufacturer "Wuhan veisa pyrpyr cosmetics Limited company" does not have the production qualification.

two the defendant submitted product patent certificate, product inspection reports and other materials in the trial, the cleaning cotton is a natural product without adding, and does contain Green Tea components. But the defendant admits at the same time, the manufacturer of the product is actually "Xiang Wuhan Agricultural Biotechnology Co. Ltd.", have the production qualification, the pyrpyr huge agricultural Xiang’s national authorized dealer, authorized for the period from December 8, 2012 to December 7, 2017.

court held that the defendant to provide evidence to prove that the cleaning cotton is qualified products, but according to the provisions of the "measures" punishment of consumer fraud, not with their real names and marks the sale of goods, should be identified as "consumer fraud", the pyrpyr behavior obviously belongs to the huge consumer fraud act, a Rui culture as a network trading platform provider, in should know the product packaging logo is not correct, still for sale for the goods infringe the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

consumer protection law stipulates that operators to provide goods or services fraud, should be in accordance with the requirements of consumers to increase the compensation for their losses. Increase the amount of compensation for consumers to purchase goods or services received three times the cost of an increase of less than $500 compensation for $500."

June 10, 2015, the court of first instance, the defendant Wuhan veisa pyrpyr Cosmetics Co. Ltd. returned to Lee shopping section 38 yuan, and to pay compensation of 500 yuan, the defendant Beijing Rui culture media Co., jointly and severally liable, Lee dismissed the other claims.

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