B2C’s big Taobao brand strategy

recently heard Ma and Taobao executives mentioned the word net goods, then how did not take seriously, but that is the use of some of the small workshop started Taobao brand, can not become the trend. But think carefully is not so simple, no concept Taobao are a chain, must have its role and significance in Taobao in the value chain, especially in the current Taobao ecological chain layout is like a raging fire in the process. Any purpose has its motivation, motivation is based on demand, to figure out what Taobao is most in need of, it is not difficult to understand the importance of net goods to the big Taobao. This array is often thinking the matter over, combine all the factors, the framework gradually clear, summed up a share:

1, net goods is what

net goods is completely or mainly in the Internet channel sales of goods, including complete sales of goods over the Internet; online sales accounted for a relatively high commodity in the whole of the Internet media; rely on traditional enterprise high degree and the line of goods online sales of customized production of goods. Mainstream sales channels relative to the line of goods, with small batch batches; flexible production; commodity function / appearance / pricing are online to meet consumer demand is the premise of a variety of fashionable and personalized customization;; reduce the circulation to reduce the cost of circulation speed up the circulation speed characteristics. The rise of network goods is strong domestic commodity manufacturing industry in the face of foreign financial crisis and export trade friction causes overcapacity facing a transition based on domestic consumption continued to rise, and the total retail sales of social consumer goods is growing, due to vast and complicated and the commodity circulation channel is saturated, resulting in offline channel cost is too high too low the social background, the emerging online channel is relatively lower cost higher efficiency and increase rapidly under the fundamental difference between the long tail characteristics and characteristics of 28 online and offline. Especially the Taobao platform "brand" is the mainstream of the current Taobao buyers demand: first-class function / appearance; second rate quality; three current price, so the pursuit of brand rather than offline and B2C users.

2, net goods on the meaning of big Taobao

I mentioned in the previous article Taobao platform B2C is the core of the big Taobao system, Taobao has been introduced and tilted large brands, which is a fact. But at the same time there are two problems: 1 big brands of Taobao users can only meet part of the demand, a certain proportion of occupied Taobao turnover (more than 50%), so the market demand and other Taobao users who fill? 2 two elephants are not harmonious and dancing together, at least one process a long running. Think that Taobao introduced UNIQLO this life still needs foreign monks with Softbank, Ma to about 8 months to get down, not to mention the major domestic brands have no experience, also Poser, internal bureaucracy to promote a new business is tedious and time-consuming, and on whether Taobao will damage the brand value question dare to try. Taobao needs to do a lot of persuasion and communication without saying anything