Electricity supplier hot Jique ganji com to customer service as the leading recruitment platform

bought a bread machine on the Internet, just making a bread can not be used, and then decided to return a new customer service, call for a long time, always busy at." Before the next single, the festival was Ms. Wang received the goods due to not contact customer service staff are very anxious. Similarly, the domestic online shopping festival because of a surge in orders, resulting in a backlog of orders after the customer service personnel shortage, they have in the domestic leading free fair online recruitment platform extended the olive branch to the applicants".

ganji.com into units preferred free recruitment platform

recently, following the courier, Yuesao, warehouse keeper, waiters and other types of labor shortage, by normalizing nowadays e-commerce fueled, each enterprise’s customer service staff also appeared very scarcity.

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Ganji data show that after the Spring Festival, the national customer service every day new issuance volume growth of 248% posts before, while the national customer service recruitment views of nearly 700 thousand, 323% increased than before the holiday, strong customer service demand. Among them, the e-commerce site call center customer service, courier company customer service has become the main source of employment.

"because of the Spring Festival holiday, caused by the backlog of shipments and years later, after Valentine’s day coming up, we have almost no respite. From now on the development of electronic commerce, express business is bound to be unpopular, the second half of last year we business on the rise, now we not only express the shortage, even there is a big gap in customer service." The hiring manager of a courier company before the busy holiday, hiring employees at leisure has become the hot topic.

customer service staff monthly salary of 3000 yuan is very common

"Yuantong Express accommodation for customer service", "Taobao mall customer service manager in ganji.com customer service recruitment in the light of search keywords" customer service "in the Beijing Railway Station, there are nearly 7000 jobs. In the fair online customer service staff, the monthly salary from 2000 to 8000 yuan is divided into 3 levels, with a basic salary plus commission way, ordinary customer service 3000 yuan monthly salary is very common.

tact in the market conditions for online recruitment service: a monthly salary of 2000-3500 yuan, the canal eats, working time as early as eight to eight pm, hugh. "During the Spring Festival, many online shopping mall is not closing, send out after the backlog of orders, resulting in the customer service phone can not simply take over, every day orders a sub site there will be hundreds of thousands of. Now I have 10 full customer service, ready to recruit more than 5 people, in order to cope with the increasing volume of business."

Fair Online 110 thousand demand as businesses preferred

at present, Ganji recruitment platform big views, free advantages gradually recognized by more and more enterprises. The greater the demand, we will release the recruitment information will be more obvious. In addition, if you can find the right people for free online in the fair, then why should I waste of time and money elsewhere? "An express public >