Ali announced the establishment of industry associations and businesses with fake brand

according to the United States, "Wall Street journal" reported on December 23rd, Alibaba announced that it will set up a brand and industry associations Advisory Committee to improve the intellectual property rights of its online shopping platform. Earlier, an American agency will be included in the Chinese electricity supplier giant and the list of infringing goods sales market.

Alibaba spokesman said on that day, the company will work with the United States and other international brands and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation, to help eliminate fake sellers, but did not disclose the name or on behalf of the participating enterprises. The Alibaba, Hangzhou based, said the committee’s membership will be implemented in the next round of talks in March.


prior to this week, the U.S. trade representative decided to re Alibaba included in the sale of fake well-known entities and online sales market list. U.S. trade representative special mention of Alibaba’s shopping platform Taobao, and referred to intellectual property owners complained that the problem from the site to remove fakes on obstacles. Prior to this, Taobao has not been included in the list since 2011.

, however, some of the Alibaba’s commitment to deal with fake questioned, a little search on Taobao will highlight the challenge. For example, imitation Zara bag to 118 yuan (about $17) to sell out, Trump’s "The Art of the Deal" pirated books priced at 10 yuan, in addition to other paperback book piracy.

Strategic IP CEO Bharat Dube said that in some form of brand Taobao products sold in up to 80% is fake. The company and L’OCCITANE and other brands to eliminate infringing goods.

Dube said Alibaba has been verbally said to crack down on counterfeit products, but did not take effective measures. Dube previously served as Cie.Financiere Richemont SA global security director, the company’s brands include Cartire and MontBlanc.

Alibaba said that in the year ended August, the company has more than 380 million counterfeit products off the shelf, is more than two times in 2015. The company also closed 180 thousand illegal shops. Alibaba also said that according to its fight against counterfeit products, integrity project, is working with Cartire and LVMH Moet Louis Vuitton SE more than 1 thousand and 100 brands such as cooperation. The project allows the brand to notify the Alibaba that there are products that infringe their intellectual property rights and require the sale of these products.

in spite of this, Altagamma vice president of Fondazione Italy Luxury Association Armando Branchini said that the establishment of the Advisory Committee