Americas Shadow President—and how hes getting

first_img America’s “Shadow President”—and how he’s getting rich(er) [not who you might think] Billionaire Peter Thiel has been spotted in Trump’s “NY White House” and has even been called the “Shadow President” for the influence he wields. He is a heavy backer of a new type of currency that’s already making some people very rich. This has been an opportunity for the average guy to generate “small fortunes,” writes The Economist. $24,955,415,087 have left traditional currencies and gone into this new type of currency. We’ve spoken with dozens of insiders about this phenomenon… including the world’s top investor in this space and members of the “Fed.” Click here for the full story. Recommended Link — Justin: I totally agree, Doug. I’ve also noticed that these people don’t really want equality for all. They want equality for some. It’s incredibly hypocritical. Doug: It’s actually all about envy. Envy is a vice—it’s different from jealousy, another vice. Jealousy is a vice that says, “You have something, I want it, I’ll take it away from you.” Envy is even worse. It says, “You have something that I want, I can’t get it, so I’ll destroy it, so you can’t have it either.” These people aren’t just misguided. They’re mentally ill. They’re actually evil. But they’re not just taken seriously, they’re treated with respect. And they’re endemic to society at this point. This is cause for great pessimism. Justin: It’s certainly not the only reason to be pessimistic, either. But that’s it for today. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Doug: You’re welcome. Justin’s note: Doug and his team just released a new video presentation that explains a unique way to get paid every month on autopilot. Thanks to a brand-new initiative started by the US government, you can potentially earn an extra $10,000 to $40,000 over the next three years. If you’re interested, you can watch it right here. But it’s actually gone beyond that. It’s become fashionable now to hate white males in particular. They say that women, blacks, Muslims—pick a group, any group except for white males—are all discriminated against. I would say, in the first place, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with discrimination in itself. Discrimination can be rational. Discrimination can be intelligent. It’s often necessary. It’s a matter of what you’re basing your discrimination on. You have to discriminate between things that will help you and things that will hurt you. And that can include other groups or even other people. It’s a genetic trait to be more favorably inclined towards people like yourself. Tribes usually identify themselves as “the people”, and everybody else is “other”, a potential enemy. It makes sense to recognize facts of reality. Different ethnic and religious groups have different beliefs, customs, and ethics. Until you can get to know them as individuals it makes sense to generalize. Recommended Linkcenter_img Forget the stock market – here’s where the big winners are Less than 1% of investors have probably heard of this tiny market. But over 100 of these investments returned triple digits in 2016. They’ve delivered historical gains over 413%, 930%, and even a rare 1,927%. You won’t find these plays on the New York Stock Exchange. But you can get in on the action from your home computer in a matter of minutes, and we guarantee that you’ll have the chance to make 1,000% total gains. Get more details here. Justin’s note: It was the worst article I’ve ever read. The piece was titled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” In it, the author argued why white men should no longer be allowed to vote. As soon as I finished reading the article, I sent it to Casey Research founder Doug Casey. He replied: “Fascinating. At first, it seemed like a comedy piece. But it’s clear she’s serious.” A few days later, Doug and I chatted about the article. Below is a transcript of our conversation. We hope you enjoy it. (The Huffington Post has since pulled the original article down claiming that the author “cannot be traced and appears not to exist.” Luckily, we were able to track down the original article. You can read it here.) Justin: Doug what did you think of that Huffington Post article I sent you? Doug: I read the article when it was still up, and it was absolutely incredible. That’s not just a figure of speech. I mean it beggared belief. I urge everyone reading this to hit the link. These people don’t seem to realize that they’re actually parodies of themselves. I mean, they’re always talking about racism and xenophobia and sexism and ageism and the like. They don’t look at people as individuals, they look at people as members of classes. That’s why it’s called “identity politics”—you don’t identify as an individual, but as a member of a group or a class. And, of course, their philosophical background is cultural Marxism. Because, you know, one of the central points of Marxism is that people are all members of classes. — But it goes deeper than that with this insane article. What these people really hate is Western Civilization and everything it represents. The question is: Why do these people think it’s virtuous to discriminate against white males? White males are largely responsible for Western Civilization. Which is shorthand for things like individualism, free markets, free thought, science, literature, industry, and about everything that’s allowed mankind to rise out of the muck and look to conquer the planets. That’s what this article really hates. So, it’s fascinating not so much that somebody wrote an article as stupid as that. But that a large outlet like Huffington would actually publish it. It’s a sign of how degraded things are. I’d say the author suffers from a serious psychological aberration. The editor who posted it is clearly a graduate of some PC US university, probably a major in Gender Studies. It’s too bad that they took it down because it should be put on display, as a warning. Unless they repost it in The Onion.last_img