They worked all night but still can not break the straight Ma

day Cat double 11 a total turnover of more than 90 billion, will emerge out of Ma assumed "bending fingers 9" are all in the brain, a smile. The contemporary commercial wizards, not only created a double 11, students also put a holiday into all the electricity supplier in the field of competitor under several blocks, and "driving" an opportunity.

so, the industry has reason to look forward to work together to the magic of the digital arch to 100 billion, or even more.

so, when the final results of the 91 billion 200 million fixed moment, I do not know how many hearts feel slightly just passable.

But this is not a perfect

, perhaps just wishful thinking, because last year, the year before it today today, every time I feel is very approximate. In the face of huge numbers, each electricity supplier practitioners should learn to think, not to be able to bend the fingers of Ma straight break (suggesting that 100 billion), but whether it is necessary to do so?

rely on the development of the national economy as 11 double reason, stimulating domestic demand, is to rely on an aphrodisiac pleasure, or work in the usual



Use the following

billion state power network occurred in last night to illustrate the fact that all:


Tmall 11 turnover of the final turnover of 91 billion 200 million yuan



Tmall 11 business sales ranking (Group)


Tmall 11 express volume of up to 468 million single electronic orders of 120 million


Jie Sanitary napkins double 11 sales break 10 million


Yi Fu Tea flagship store 11 double the sales volume of 10 million


Han Han homes flagship store double 11 total sales of 284 million 400 thousand


babe network double eleven 17 hour sales break 300 million


11 Tmall Pathfinder double break billion won outdoor category champion


Ichiban shop double eleven final online turnover amounted to 123 million


PurCotton ten a final online turnover amounted to 126 million