Tencent and public comment is not true love only mutual use

two this year, Tencent shares of public comment on the news is very intense discussion, no way, this is not only about the O2O market but also linked to the news of WeChat can not cause the eyes of countless people. Earlier, Baidu has also received $2 billion acquisition of public comment on the news, but Baidu failed to do so, the final public comment chose to pick up the soap with Tencent. Although in terms of valuation is $2 billion price tag, but the Tencent is not wholly acquired, also does not require the holding, also offer WeChat interface for any gift, people will tend to Tencent.

public comment on the need for backing Tencent need to account for O2O market

(hereinafter referred to as public comment comment) has been trying to maintain independent development, independent listed, so not to cannot but choose not to sell to Baidu wholly owned Tencent, the olive branch is really touched on.

from the market point of view, comment on the group purchase and beauty group competition in the market has been slightly difficult, but in the O2O market, Ali, Baidu, Tencent and other three giants have started a big investment, if the comment wants to remain independent development, is tantamount to tell some fantastic tales. Even the U.S. group have not been able to take, what the public comments to compete with the big three? In technology, capital, talent level and the big three are not comparable, is the biggest advantage of years of accumulated comment data advantage, but the advantage of data can only be a temporary prop up for a long time, these data are not worthless.

want to through this difficult period, comments must be in the middle of giant three select a backing to leveraging the power of. At the same time with three giant enemies only to die, but to one sustainable effort. Previously, Baidu acquired the highest voice comments at the end of October last year, the news that Baidu’s $2 billion acquisition of public comment, the two sides have been at the negotiating table, but also want to adhere to the independent development team review and comment, also not to buy it. So, the two sides ultimately failed to come together.

Tencent to offer more comments on the heart, $400 million shares accounted for 20% and the entrance of WeChat. This price is difficult to refuse, comments can not only guarantee the independent development, but also to obtain sufficient funds, the most important is to obtain the inestimable value to WeChat entrance. Tencent is the comment to want, maybe to WeChat hot, comment on the new stage might impact.

industry competition is not willing to offer this love, Tencent also has its own considerations, the first public comment is the three giants who want assets, or even a big buyer of the big three except perhaps, avoid comments by other competitors and make itself become acquisition, Tencent offered $400 million accounted for the initiative besides. Seen between these two years the Internet enterprise purchase drama, was able to feel the importance of investment accounted pit.

In addition,

Tencent is very urgent to penetrate the local life services market, originally on the market strategic investment group purchase basic failure, and self Twitter Life team work and slow, the Tencent can no longer afford to wait, investment reviews, and gave WeChat entrance, the Tencent can ensure that this part of the business to do.