Win in meters altar launched the domain name investment salon activities

5, 2, 2009, in order to better complement the lack of online communication, win in the rice altar ( recently launched a domain name investment salon under the line gathering activities.

it is understood that a similar salon in the country has long been realized, Beijing do very well. Win at the altar of blood meters spiders also have participated in the Beijing domain name salon, the sponsor is the domain experts (net), there are people Dadong many domain name investment community have participated, including all the way from Tianjin, wearing Changsha jump past Kele past, including Yao Jin wave the folks in Beijing industry heavyweights every time does not fall.

Beijing party generally every 1 to 2 months, each party time on a weekend night, last 4~6 hours, location choice of quiet large cafe or tea rooms, the number of about 15 people. At the meeting, we will discuss the news of the domain name in the near future, exchange the recent harvest of each other in the domain name investment, announced the latest transaction domain name and the recent development plan. In short, the effect is very good, every time to participate in the friends can get a lot of harvest from the salon, and sometimes also can talk with the same seat of the meter to improvise cooperation……


other parts of China have similar activity we have survey, but such activities have been very popular in the United States, we are the predecessors of "Cai Wensheng" seems to have participated in activities in the United States, and the domain name investors famous Ye Fan, have participated in similar activities in the United states.

the "win in meters altar spearheaded the national each big city" domain name investment salon, is hoping to imitate Dadong in Beijing "domain name Salon", organized around the domain name investment circles to refer a friend regularly for the next line of communication, in order to achieve a win-win purpose.

is now in Guangzhou, Xi’an and other places have been officially launched for the first time, the sponsor and the application for work is underway in other areas for registration will be launched one after another, please attention: fid=12


win in M Tan has successfully held in Beijing in August 18, 2006 the first domain name auction, in April 16, 2007 released a new version of the website, and at the same time and renamed China Cooperation (eName) held the first prize essay contest (domain name story this activity is still in progress).


recommended investment domain domain name auction will be renamed Chinese Sharon Cai Wensheng Ye Fan Jiro yaojinbo wearing spider blood jump Kele