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The news of the Wall Street journal,

, could signal that Alibaba will continue to invest money in the new year – and in a more international way.

according to informed sources, Alibaba will combine ant gold suit, with a total of $575 million stake in India Communications Group One97 Communication, after the completion of the transaction will receive 30% shares.

investment, Ali’s main goal seems to be the core subsidiary of Paytm One97. This is a mobile Internet business and online payment company, it has about 1.5 million businesses, 25 million registered users and 20 million mobile wallet users, at the same time with Uber, Airbnb and Expedia of the local open platform.

informed sources said that if a deal is reached, the two sides in the future will be the depth of cooperation: India Paytm users in Ali’s various shopping site shopping, and use Paytm to pay China; users can also use Alipay shopping on Paytm; both sellers on the platform will also be open to each other.

yesterday, Alibaba aspects of curiosity daily, said the matter declined to comment on the terms of the Ant King said, it is not clear that this investment project. But we can be sure that, including the Alibaba, many technology companies and investors of the possibility of hot money flowing into the India market is becoming increasingly high.

May 2014, Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg and · Nadella, Microsoft CEO Sete ya; team visited India;

July 2014, just entered the India market a year Amazon announced that it will invest $2 billion for business expansion. A high-profile visit to India’s Amazon CEO Bezos said in a statement, India’s economic and e-commerce development potential;

October 2014, Softbank group of India’s largest electricity provider platform Snapdeal $627 million, becoming its largest shareholder;

December 2014, India electricity supplier platform Flipkart announced that the end of the third round of financing, the annual fund-raising of nearly $2 billion to expand its market capitalization to $11 billion. In its previous rounds of financing, Temasek, Tiger Fund, GIC, Qatar Investment Authority and other famous funds have appeared in the list of investors. Millet hardware development in India has also begun to rely on this platform development.

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